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April 1 2012

April 1 2012

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Published by FRC Grand Rapids

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Published by: FRC Grand Rapids on Mar 30, 2012
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Grand Rapids FRC Bulletin
April 1, 2012
9:30 AM
The Salt and its Savour 
Luke 14
Luke 14: 34, 35
5:50 PM 
Psalter 49: all and Psalter 408: 1, 3 
6 PM
Agree with Thine Adversary 
Matthew 5: 1 - 26
Matthew 5: 25, 26
“…..Hosanna to the son of David: Blessed is he that cometh in the name of 
the Lord; Hosanna in the highest.
Matthew 21: 9b
~ From The Consistory ~
, welcome.We hope you are blessed through worshiping with us this 
Palm Sunday.
Today, Rev. Maurice Roberts of the Free Church of Scotland(
will conduct our services, the Lord willing.
There will be a
Good Friday 
service led by Dr. A. Miskin, Friday April 6,at 7 PM, the Lord willing.
Next Sunday, Rev. M. Roberts will preach for our morning worshipservice and Dr. A. Miskin will conduct our evening worship service.
The Sunday School/catechism classes (Beginners
Psalterof the month
is #302: 1, 4. Please review with your children. There will be
no Sunday school/catechism classes
, due to spring break.
The Free
Reformed Mission Committee
asks that you seriouslyconsider giving to the
1st collection
for the Guatemala Mission Fund
. The amount of giving has decreased in the last two years,leaving us with a shortfall. May the Lord continue to bless our laborsin Guatemala.
~ Calendar ~
“The Lord willing...” James 4:15 
April 6 (Friday) 7 PM
Good Friday service led by Dr. A. Miskin
April 7 (Saturday) 7 AM
Men’s Bible Study
at Rainbow Grill in Hudsonville.
April 7 (Saturday) 7 PM
(YABS) Young Adult Book Study. We will be
Just Do Something; chapters 4 
Save the Date: 
YABS goes
Paintballing on
21 from 10 AM
2 PM,
4 & 5 is the Pt. Peele Trip.
April 8 (Sunday) 4 PM
Young Peoples meeting. Snack: Franz Ude
April 10 (Tuesday) 9:30 AM
Ladies Bible Study. Coffee is at 9:30. Thelesson starts at 10. Nursery is provided. Women of all ages welcome.
April 10 (Tuesday) 7 PM
Dorcas Guild meeting. Our project will be
Hygiene Kits
for International Aid.
Shampoo, Small towel, comb,toothbrush, 4.oz. toothpaste and soap 
are much needed. This will beour last regular meeting of the season.
Save the Date!!!!
June 12, 2012 isthe date for our Annual Ladies Conference.
April 11 (Wednesday) 5:45 PM
Fellowship meal. Check your mailboxes orthe narthex for details.
April 11 (Wednesday) 7 PM
Fellowship meeting led by Seminarian RobVanDoodewaard.
April 11 (Wednesday)
Consistory meeting after fellowship meeting.
April 11 (Wednesday) 7 PM
Boys & Girls Club. Regular meeting for all.
April 14 (Saturday) 7 PM
Informal meeting at Mel Trotter Mission.
April 24 (Tuesday) 7:30
Congregational meeting for male members.
Advanced Notice-Hosanna Choir Concert
at First United MethodistChurch on Friday, April 20 at 8 PM (tickets available through PlymouthChristian High school)
Heritage Voices Choir Concert
at HeritageNRC on Friday, April 27 at 7:30 PM
~ Church Family ~
New Address:
Rev. Ray and Linda Lanning (District 5) Phone: 459-9530415 Paris SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Please Remember in Our Prayers: 
Mr. Dave Huisjen, Mr. Case Kwekel
We commend our grieving families to your prayers and love. SisterCindy V
andenToorn’s mother passed away last week. The funeral was onThursday in Chatham. You may recall that Cindy’s father passed away just
a few weeks ago. May God comfort the grieving.
Mr. Vincent Faasse, Mrs. Dorothy Hitchcock, Mr. Cornelius Jobseand Mr. Case Kwekel.
Dan Arnoudse, Jacob Hubach and Tyler Prince.
~ Nursery ~
Laura DeJong 
Today: AM
A: Michelle Bilkes, Hannah KleynB: Aileen Rittner, Diane VanderZand
A Jane Bilkes, Trienna MoerdykB: Kim Kleyn, Meta Moerdyk
Good Friday: 
Jamie Beeke, Kathy Pols, Maddie Prince 
Next Week: AM
A: Cherise Bergsma, Naysi PenningsB: Laura DeJong, Karen VanderSloot
A: Marlies Procee, Makenna PronkB: Julie Spaans, Lisa VanStrien
~ Ushers ~
Today AM
Chris Engelsma
Bill Moerdyk
Next Week AM
Sam Moerdyk
Pete VanStrien
~ Offerings ~
Today Next Week
collection: General Guatemala Mission2
collection: Denominational EducationBox at Exits: Christian Ministry to Israel Christian Rest Home
Good Friday:
Word & Deed
~ Denominational News ~
The Free Reformed Theological Education Committee is thankful toannounce that, at its meeting on March 23, it had liberty to recommend toSynod 2012 that
Synod accept brothers
Clarence Veld (Vineland) andKen Pennings (St. Thomas) as students for ministry in the Free Reformedchurches. The committee commends these brothers and our two currentstudents, Rob VanDoodewaard (4
year) and John Procee (1
year), toyour prayers.
Dr. Jerry Bilkes was led to
decline the call
to serve our Hamilton FRC.
Please pray that our brother’s decision may be confirmed by the Lord. Prayalso for our vacant congregations as we seek pastors after God’s heart.
Chatham FRC Annual Youth Meeting -
Friday and Saturday,
April13th and 14th i
s the date. E-mail Alex at avanpelt1@hotmail.com orWanda at wandabruin@hotmail.com, with questions
 Our annual youth camp happens this year in Alberta from
July 16-19
.Check out more information and registration at www.frcyouth.webs.com.  Registration for this camp is limited to 40 people, so registering early isrecommended. Questions, contact Martin Overduin. All contact informationis on the website.
~ Misson News ~
Free Reformed Mission
- This month it will be good if we concentrateour prayers on pastor Xicara. Reports to the Mission Committee about himare very positive and encouraging. God has sent a man to Cubulco who hasa genuine calling to minister the Word to the Achi. Pastor Xicara has a lovefor the people and expresses that in a kind and caring way. Although he isnot a young man he consistently makes the arduous treks to visit theoutlying Aldeas. He is building rapport with the obreros and helping them tobe more effective in their leadership roles. During Sunday School classeshe is giving instruction using the catechism. The nearby hospital sees himon a regular basis ministering to the sick and injured. A busy scheduleindeed. Please pray that he can maintain his stamina; that his ministry willbe fruitful; that his rapport with leaders and people will strengthen more andmore.
Word & Deed Update
In Malawi, the Church of Central Africa,Presbyterian (CCAP) has over a million members, but the leadership ofthese members is weak. Many church leaders do not have access to biblical
education at the high school level, let alone at the seminary level. This has
resultedin leaders and churches that are weak in biblical knowledge, worship and godliness.Word & Deed has been partnering with Logos Ministries since 2007 to provide theselocal church leaders with training in theology and Christian living. Each month, up tofour seminars are hosted. Please pray that Rev. Chisauka, Manuel and Confex(Logos staff) would be wise as they plan and present curriculum and that, throughLogos Ministries, the CCAP
would be strengthened for God’s

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