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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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Published by uwogazette

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Published by: uwogazette on Apr 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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www.westerngazette.ca • @uwogazette
tuesday, april 3, 2012
canada’s only daily student newspaper • founded 1906
Volume 105, issue 95c  h   1906
The Wrathof Holmes
f  h  q
Clash of the Titans 
h v hvb m
>> pg. 5
today high
tomorrow high
USC meets their maker in8-6 loss to Gazette
Exchnge sudensnow llowed o voe
Kell Hbsn
GazEttE Staff
Students on a ull-year exchange were granted another Western perk away rom home. Previously, thesestudents were ineligible to vote inthe University Students’ Councilelections, but ollowing a meeting last week, the USC amended bylaw 2, allowing ull-year exchange stu-dents to vote in the uture.“The amendment that was ap-proved by council establishes cri-teria or voter eligibility, which theold bylaw didn’t,” Will Bortolin,USC governance ocer, said. Healso explained the issue was aboutdening overall voter eligibility,not just addressing the concernsexpressed by exchange students.Paul Craig, a third-year West-ern student on exchange in Sin-gapore, elt his democratic rights were compromised by the restric-tion prior to the change. He quickly voiced his discontent to the USCand other university ocials.“We are Western students. Weare enrolled at Western. We pay  Westerns tuition,” Craig argued inan open letter to the USC electionscommittee on February 24.Initially, the concerns expressedby exchange students like Craig  were met with resistance.“The ocial responses I initially got back were apologetic but pas-sive,” Craig explained. “I gured the whole thing would be orgotten.”The issue wasn’t orgotten, how-ever, but instead directly addressed
>> see
bylaw .3
USC inuces ne 10-e cpil pln
b  f ucc   v
rich rc
GazEttE Staff
The University Students’ Council isshaking up its nancial operations with the introduction o a new cap-ital plan. The plan will set a 10-yearoutline or how much the USC willspend renovating their operationsand equipment.The capital plan marks the rsttime the USC has had an ocialoutline regarding the maintenanceo existing capital and the acquisi-tion o new capital. Previously, theUSC would receive requests orcapital rom dierent university operations during the budget pro-cess. These requests would be re-viewed and evaluated at random.They would then be selected basedon the USC’s estimations o whatcould be aorded within the bud-get. This process resulted in someoperations being neglected.“The plan is so important be-cause it gives the USC equal oppor-tunity to replace dierent areas o the organization on a needs basis,” Andrew Forgione, USC president,said. “This will ensure that someareas won’t be ignored as they may have been in the past.”Forgione points out that incon-veniences such as ripped urnitureand stained whiteboards had beenconsistently placed as a low prior-ity. The capital plan aims to ensurethat these issues do not foat underthe radar.The plan should also preventcosts or operations and equip-ment rom snowballing due to years o neglect. Focus will now shit to addressing needs annually and in a more organized manner.“Over time, our costs will belower as items are replaced moreconsistently,” Forgione said.“Thereore, we can spread the costout over a ew years, which putsless o a burden on students andon [the USC].” When the USC announcedthe plan, all department manag-ers were asked to compile a list o needs and wants over the next 10 years. When the USC received thisinormation, it was organized intothe capital plan with specic tar-gets or the allocation o capitalor each organization, ranked by priority.Though the plan is laid outover our years, Forgione stressedthat it is not immune to change.“It’s a guideline, but it’s also very fexible,” he said. “Priorities may change over time, and the [uture]executive council can make adjust-ments as they see t.”Some o the initiatives includedin the plan will be maintenanceand replacement o University Community Centre urniture, reno-vations to UCC conerence rooms,and more consistent replacemento audio-visual equipment. EventsNet, the online hub or events at Western, is also scheduled to re-ceive a complete upgrade.The plan’s overarching strategy is to inject small amounts o capi-tal in the operations on a yearly basis, with relatively large outlaysscattered throughout.Jennier Valadao, vice-presidentnance or the USC, believed thecapital plan’s benets will be eltby students directly. “For students,it allows the USC to remain on ourtoes to minimize complaints withsomething we could’ve been able toplan or,” she said. “It’s a good stra-tegic tool and it adds to the fexibil-ity o the USC as an organization.”
o s, h
k  h uv s’ c    -
showdown. Red he exciing deils on
g 8
ov ,         -
—andrew forgione
usc 
n ahm
n:  hv   
2 •
• t, a 3, 2012
Crossword By Eugene sheffe
The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands or another. I you thinkthat X equals O, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and wordsusing an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error.© 2002 by Kings Features Syndicate, Inc.
Cugh n CeNes Bies
me chges liin Fleing iinvesigin
London Police have charged an ad-ditional seven people in relation tothe St. Patrick’s Day riot on Flem-ing Drive. Among the charges laidinclude a number o more seriousoences, including assaulting apeace ocer, which can result ina penalty o 6 months in jail or a$5,000 ne. According to Dennis Rivest,media relations ocer or theLondon Police Service, two o theindividuals were allegedly part o the mob, which tipped and laterdestroyed a CTV News vehicle at-tempting to cover the riot.“Some o the charges involving Robert McCarron and NathanielGreen are related to the damagedCTV News vehicle. It is anticipatedthat the investigation will identiy urther individuals associated tothe damage caused to this vehicle,”Rivest said in a press release.Rivest also noted this round o charges would not be the last.“Expect more charges to beorthcoming,” he said.
—ax cm
 wesen’s SGPS ins  excellence
 Westerns School o Graduate andPostdoctoral Studies has won a$2,500 award or excellence in in-novation and graduate education.The award will be presented at theannual conerence o the North-eastern Association o Gradu-ate Schools, held April 19 to 21 inHaliax.The awards are being given ortwo programs provided to gradu-ate students applying or externalscholarships. The Consult the Ex-perts Series, which began in 2009,oers graduate students support in writing research proposals by host-ing a series o counselling sessions with expert volunteers. The Schol-arship Library, which was launcheda ew days ago, aims to provide stu-dents with an online database o inormation or all elds o study.Beore these programs began,there had not been many central-ized mentoring programs and cen-tralized databases or applying orexternal scholarships, according to Wesley Moir, the web coordinatoro the SGPS.“What is innovative about ourprograms are that no matter what your eld is, you can go to oneplace and get expert advice or any scholarships in person, and then you can ollow up with that by going online and having all that in-ormation available to you at yourngertips within one website,”Moir said. When asked about uture plan-ning about their programs, he saidthe Scholarship Library has beena big step or the SGPS. Their planhad been to expand their library,but he said they are still guring how to use the award unds to ueltheir eort.
—ah p
a c
b uv c,  h h l g c ev, eh H  s      h k. th v f k  .
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• t, a 3, 2012
• 3
CGC ulls clubsplic cplin
 an Zlzn
news editor
 Ater two meetings in the last 10days without a resolution, theClubs Governance Committee o the University Students’ Council will meet once again to deliberatea complaint led against the West-ern branch o Solidarity or Pales-tinian Human Rights. The com-plaint, which pertains to a protestat an Israeli culture celebrationorganized by the group Israel onCampus, was led in February. According to NicoleD’Alessandro, vice-president stu-dent events or the USC, the issuehas been prolonged both becauseo its intricacy and the diculty in holding CGC meetings that arecomposed o students-at-large.“Trying to get everybody to-gether has been the major delay,”D’Alessandro said. “As ar as thediscussion got at the last meeting, we provided a background andmade sure people understood thedetails o the complaint.”D’Alessandro explained the is-sues acing the committee sur-round the accountability o clubsor their members’ individualactions.“The question is, ‘Does this makeit a club event?’” D’Alessandro ex-plained. “CGC looks at clubs asa whole rather than one specicindividual, but there are cases where the actions o one personcan ultimately impact the club asa whole.”D’Alessandro also said the cur-rent clubs policy is not equipped toaddress this question. “The issueraised is whether the club is re-sponsible or the individuals are re-sponsible. There’s nothing clearly dened in clubs policy to really deal with this.”The SPHR executive team ar-gued the protest was not a club ac-tion. “This was not an SPHR event,nor was it in anyway aliated withSPHR as a club,” the team said inan email. “Each person was thereon their own ree will, expressing their rights as ree individuals.”The team also said the clubshould not be punished or the ac-tions o individuals. “We have neverheard o executive members o any other club needing to deend theiractions as individuals.”Sara Gurza, president o IOC,said her club was willing to wait orthe decision.“We are proud to be one o hun-dreds o student clubs at Western.Thereore we respect the process ittakes. We are happy the CGC andthe USC are taking this issue very seriously.”She explained IOC was taking steps to deal with protests o theirevents in the uture.“We are mindul o the possibil-ities o more protests and attemptsat silencing our voice, so we haveocused more on coordinating ourevents with campus police.”D’Alessandro said the next CGCmeeting will take place Thursday morning.
a c
th p a c h h h k  h   h uv c c  m. thp a c  w’    h  v   v f    k f .
Cugh n Ce
the issue rised iswheher he club isresponsible or he indi
viduls re responsible.
th’ h    
o relly del wih his.
—n d’a
v-  v f h usc
b 2  f
voers brod
by the USC last week. In a meet-ing last Wednesday, a motion waspassed to amend bylaw 2, whichhandles elections procedures.The amendment includes anew denition o voter eligibil-ity and deems students eligible tovote in the USC elections i they pay Western tuition or the currentacademic year—eectively includ-ing all Western students who arestudying abroad.Craig was originally inormedby the USC that with no Westerncourses and no student ees being paid, he was similar to a high schoolstudent who had accepted an oero admission to the university—he would be aected by the vote, but would have no say.“I wanted an objective criteria,something that was based on somekind o a principle, as opposed tospecically enumerating a list o people without any underlying rea-soning or including those people,”Bortolin said. “The act that coun-cil approved [the] amendment im-plies they elt it was important thatexchange students have the rightto vote.”Despite her disappointment with this year’s election, JasmineIrwin, a third-year Western studentstudying in France, said she holdshope or how the amendment willimpact uture exchange students.“It will give them another an-chor and connection to Western ata time when it seems that connec-tion is very tenuous,” Irwin said.“It will acknowledge the legitimacy o exchange students not only as Western students, but as ambassa-dors or Western.”
>>  f .1
c s
 Solution to puzzle on page 6
 2 toppings on each 2 FREE Dipping Sauces
  0  6 
 3-169 Wharncliffe Rd. S
 For Delivery CALL
 Delivery hours from 11am daily
Your Roman Catholic community on campus
invites you to join us for the
266 Epworth Avenue519-963-1477 / campusministry@kings.uwo.ca
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Friday April 6 at 3 pm
Saturday April 7 at 9 pm
Sunday April 8 at 10:30 am‘The Chapel’ at 1486 Richmond St.(at Windermere) London, Ontario

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