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Muse April 2012

Muse April 2012

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Published by ACS Athens

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Published by: ACS Athens on Apr 03, 2012
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I reflected on the wonderfulexhibitions of learning in theElementary School as thesecond trimester came to anend. In this newsletter yourwill get a glimpse of what washappening in the classroomsand around our school. We cancelebrate the positive energy,creativity and enthusiasm thatyou will find as you read thesepages. We are very proud ofour children!What a rewarding monthMarch was not only for theElementary School students butfor the staff members, as well!Two wonderful professionalopportunities were madeavailable to many of our staffand faculty. The ECIS EarlyChildhood conference hostedby our school was a wonderfulprofessional developmentopportunity for the earlychildhood team. Over 200educators from around theworld attended the conference.A few teachers also attendedthe NESA conference in Athens.These were an inspiringexperience for all that attended.We can not thank our PTOenough for organizingthe Teacher/Staff AppreciationWeek (March 11-14) culminatingwith a luncheon not to beforgotten. Your continuedsupport is greatly appreciated.On March 23rd our GreekLanguage students celebratedwith historical sketches, varioussongs and poems theIndependence Day or ourhost country, Greece.The presentation was warmlyreceived by all who attended.Congratulations to our studentsand teachers for anotherworthwhile event.Student-Led Conferences havebeen scheduled for May 24th and25th from 9:00 a.m.— 3:30 p.m. onboth days. Parents will be askedto come in, according to scheduledappointment, on one of the twodays to attend a conference led byyour child. A letter will be cominghome the beginning of May withdetails about the conferences.Kindly be reminded, as theweather is getting better andchildren may want to stay afterschool, Elementary Schoolstudents can not be on campuswithout parental supervision.Safety of the children is ofparamount importance.Spring Break this year will befrom April 6th through April17th. Plan to spend time withyour children guiding them inacquiring positive habits.Museum visits, art exhibitions,nature walks, athletic events,interesting films, populartheatrical productions can bemost rewarding for everyone.Enjoy the Spring Break withyour family.Sincerely,Cathy MakropoulosActing Elementary SchoolPrincipal
Message from the Principal
Volume 1, Issue 2April 2012
and please take the time toask your child all about theanimals, the didgeridoo (awind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians), theAborigines dot artwork they created, as well as the GreatBarrier Reef and its livingcreatures!In closing our unit onAustralia, we quickly movedinto our next unit ontransportation. During thenext month the children willcontinue discovering differentmeans of transportation andhow we get from one place toanother more effectively. Wewill also be discussing roadsigns as well as street safety.In addition, two new centershave been introduced in the JK classrooms. Our DramaticPlay Area has been turned intoa doctor’s office, where the
Kindergarten News
that it is always nice to ex-press love and appreciationfor each other.We also celebrated our
of school. This was a spe-cial day in our classrooms inwhich we focused on math ac-tivities involving the number100. Using various things, wemade groups of ten to countup to 100. Some of these ac-tivities included: stringing col-ored-noodles to make a “100Day Necklace”, selecting 100different types of edible treats,making colorful hats with 100dots. What fun we all hadhonoring this special day! Wehad a wonderfully productiveday celebrating our
100 days
 of hard work and fun.Celebrations are alwaysfun…especially in our Kin-dergarten classrooms!February has been a monthfull of celebrations. On
Val-entine’s Day
we passed outcards that we made at home.Everyone went home with aheart-envelope bulging withvalentines and huge smileson their faces! We all agreed
Junior Kindergarten News
Upon ourreturnfromWinter Break, the JuniorKindergarten classes werevery busy learning all aboutAustralia. The childrenspent much time creatingwonderful art projectssurrounding the variousanimals and traditions inAustralia. They were alsogiven the opportunity tocreate Anzac Biscuits, anAustralian baked good, aswe celebrated “AustraliaDay”. Look for your child’sprojects as they come homechildren are enjoying roleplaying the doctor, the nurse,and the patient. We have alsocreated a classroom PostOffice! Look for letters beingsent home, as your child willbe visiting our post office tomail letters to family andfriends!Ms. Korinna, Ms. Vasilike,and Ms. Alex The Junior Kindergarten TeachersWe are proud of each andevery one of our children.Ms. Anna and Ms. Ashley 
 This has been a very specialmonth – from Bake Sales toValentine’s Day to the 100
Day of School celebration, and lastly  – a celebration of learning withour “Mad Scientist” SpecialSharing Investigations. With allthis said and done, we arelooking forward to our new unit,with our noses to the groundand green thumbs ready for ourPlant unit entitled
Reach for the Sun.
Please feel free to send inany packets of seeds that needplanting as well as any pottedplants/flowers – as ourclassrooms will be transforminginto Greenhouses before ourvery eyes!We would like to thank youall for your dedicated effortsin helping us raise anamazing €700 of Bake Salemoney.€100 worth of medicine willbe donated to The Friends of Animals Shelter and another€100 will be donated to the Turtle Rescue Center.Students are reading ingroups, as a class, andindividually. After readingthey are writing about whatthey read. They are beginningto focus more on identifyingmain idea of a story orpassage. They are alsolooking at vocabulary usedby the authors and usingcontext clues to figure outthe meaning of words they don’t know. This isstrengthening their criticalthinking capabilities in orderto make logical referencesand connections to texts.In writing the students arelearning how to write aresearch paper on theirfavorite place in Greece.Students are learning how toinvestigate information onparticular child — friendly search engines such asChoosito, identify importantdetails, interpret text in theirown words and write multipleSecond graders have beenlearning all about
CarettaCaretta Turtles and moreabout specific locations intheir country, Greece!
Students have been focusing ondouble digit addition andsubtraction strategies duringmath studies. They have beenlooking at horizontal equationsand learning strategies to addor subtract them mentally. They have also started verticaladdition with regrouping. Thesecond graders have beenworking on how to explain theirthinking in writing. Instead of  just solving a problem they haveto be able to write out how they solved it and the process of their thinking.Our reading unit focuses onworking on buildingcomprehension and readingfluency strategies throughauthor studies; such as ChrisVan Allsburg and Mike Thaler.
paragraphs on the sametopic. As well as theresearch paper, students areexpanding on writing detailsin their narrative stories. Weare working on word choicethrough the use of strongverbs and adjectives andlearning that a writer’s voiceis used to tell a story in anengaging manner. As withall writing assignments,students are always workingon the conventions of writing. They are usingcomplete sentences whenwriting during reading,math, and social studies. Through all this they aresimultaneously working onproper tenses and trying tohave accurate grammaticalstructures throughout theirwriting assignments.Your Second Grade Team
1st Grade News
We are looking forward tomeeting with you duringParent-Teacher conferencespreceding Spring Break…Your Dedicated First Grade Team
2nd Grade News

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