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12 2011 Accountability Measures Report

12 2011 Accountability Measures Report

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Published by Rob Port

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Published by: Rob Port on Apr 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prepared for the StateBoard of Higher Education
December 2011
The Role of theState Board of Higher Education
The State Board of Higher Education is the governing board of the North DakotaUniversity System.
Our Vision
Leading the nation in educational attainment through access, innovation andexcellence.
Our Mission
The mission of the North Dakota University System is to enhance the quality of lifeof all those we serve and the economic and social vitality of North Dakota throughthe discovery, sharing and application of knowledge.
Core Values of theNorth Dakota University System
High integrityOpen, honest, forthright and mutually respectful in discussion and actionsTrustworthyAccountableCooperative, valued partner with other state agencies and entitiesResponsible stewards of the state investment in the University SystemScholarship and the pursuit of excellence in the discovery, sharing and applicationof knowledgeSupport and embrace diversity
Prepared by:North Dakota University System600 E. Boulevard Ave., Dept 215 • Bismarck, N.D., 58505-0230Phone: 701.328.2960 • Fax: 701.328.2961 • Website: ndus.edu
December 2011
Access. Innovation. Excellence.
About This Report
The North Dakota University System is pleased to provideyou its
 Accountability Measures Report for 2011
. Thisdocument is a tool for demonstrating that the UniversitySystem is meeting the “
exibility with accountability”expectations of SB 2003 passed by the 2001 LegislativeAssembly and updated in each subsequent legislativesession.The 2011 report re
ects some of the many ways NorthDakota University System colleges and universities areenhancing opportunities through
. Institutions in the NDUS are educatingfuture leaders who will provide the talent, energy andinnovation to keep North Dakota competitive in today’sknowledge-based economy. That’s what we do, and as theaccountability measures show, we do it well.That is one-half of the dual mission envisioned for theUniversity System by the Roundtable on Higher Education,which also charged the NDUS with enhancing the state’seconomy. According to a separate report
, in 2009, theUniversity System contributed an estimated $3.7 billion toour state’s economy, including student spending. That hasincreased from $1.6 billion in 1999.Development of the annual accountability measures reportis a result of new relationships among the legislative andexecutive branches of government, the private sector andthe University System. These relationships were established based on a mutual trust and a common purpose – creating a brighter future for students and the citizens of North Dakota.These relationships grew out of recommendations from theRoundtable on Higher Education and started in 1999-2000when members were charged with de
ning expectations andaccountability measures for the system.First, roundtable members created an overall goal and a setof expectations associated with each of six cornerstones.Then they examined how to determine if these expectationshad been met, or, in other words, how progress would bemeasured. It was from this process that the performanceaccountability measures emerged as a means of measuring progress on roundtable expectations and recommendations.The
scal accountability measures were developed bya separate group representing the private sector and thelegislative and executive branches of government. Thisgroup identi
ed measures upon which they could judge the
nancial viability and spending decisions of the NDUS.Passage of SB 2003 in 2001 signaled that the UniversitySystem can and should play a larger role in enhancing theeconomic and social vitality of North Dakota, as envisioned by the Roundtable on Higher Education. Simply put, the2001 version of SB 2003 empowered the system to act moreentrepreneurially and, at the same time, provided consensusabout accountability. Hence, it often is referred to as the
exibility with accountability” legislation. This approachhas been af 
rmed in subsequent legislative sessions.From the beginning, the University System has beencommitted to meeting these accountability expectations,and the accountability measures report is the tool by whichthe system’s performance is to be measured. These reportsalso provide valuable information for state policymakers,the State Board of Higher Education and UniversitySystem colleges and universities to continually improvethe quality and ef 
ciency of education and services. Whilethe accountability system was developed in responseto legislative action, its greatest value might be as amanagement tool within the University System.Like many groundbreaking initiatives, enhancements andadaptations have been made over the years. Those worthy of notation include:• In addition to the legislatively mandated measures, theSBHE added 12 accountability measures in 2001. The board deemed these measures necessary to provideguidance in establishing effective policy for the 11University System colleges and universities.• Several
scal accountability measures were modi
ed in2002 because of changes in the Governmental AccountingStandards Board’s
nancial reporting standards.• Wherever possible, national comparative data is provided.Because a national employer satisfaction survey didnot exist, in 2004 the NDUS initiated development of an employer survey and partnered with a national
rmand other states in the creation and piloting of a surveyinstrument. The 2004 report included responses to two

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