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Published by Ajit Dalvi

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Published by: Ajit Dalvi on Apr 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Out of the total 1191 upanishadas 1000 pertain to Samved, 21 pertain to Rigved, 50 to Yajurved and 120 to Atharvaved. But only 108 Upanishadas are available. They again can be classified subject wise.  Shankaracharya chose ten Upanishadas for his comments which were dealing with some philosophical  principle such as - Isa, Ken, katha, Prana, Aitareya, Taitariya, Mundaka, Mandukya Chandogya and Vrihadaranyaka. There are others which deal with the divine deities such as Gayatri, Savitri, Sarasvati,Ganesha, Narayana, Rudra and so on. There are some upanishadas which are named after the rishi such as Maitreya, Shandilya, etc. But what we are going to discuss is the Garbhopanishad which is quite different,which talks about the science as well as the spirituality. Pippalad is the rishi of this Upanishad. Ganesh Sahastra nam also is prefixed with various divine names - Gana, Guna, Grantha, Gita, Go, Guru,Gotra, Gira etc. but eventually we find various divine names of Lord Ganesha on Garbha as well. Garbhaprada, Garbha trata, Garbha Santosha Sadhak are some of them. In fact these are the words by which the human body is formed, Lord Ganesha being the god of word principle. Gana Process of Formation Go The budhi Gira Words Geet The Music Guru Remover of Maya Garbha Eventual form I hope I am clear. Young married couples should chant this divine Ganesha Sahastra nam to get good and healthy babies. As usual one small experience. In Parthy when I was climbing the steps of Kalpa - vriksha one little boy who was selling the stickers of Baba’s photo put his sticker on my wrist watch. ‘I am all the time with you’ He said as if the watch is talking to you. When I went to sleep in the night, at any time of the night he is saying something. For him all twentyfour hours of the day some where on the earth at any given time he is being worshipped. I could hardly sleep that night. It was unbearable for me. Next day I removed the sticker saying to myself, one can not just discover him. He is in all the forms all the time. He is in all the names too. He is then the Sathya being in all the names and  forms. When Baba used to play on the bank of Chitravati river along with the gopas, he has materialised so many things from the sand. Shri V. K. Gokak was fortunate to get an idol of Ganapati, which He materialised  from the sand. In fact this is all explained in the Bhusukta but he being the Veda purusha could materialise all this. 
 efJe<CegHelveer cener osefJe ceeOeJeer ceeOeJeefÒe³eeced  ue#ceer efÒe³emeKeer osefJe veceeefce De®³egleJeuueYeeced ~~
The purana katha of rishi Bhardwajas marriage to the Earth is wellknown. She was crying as what will happen to her with so many devils living on her. So the rishi married her and fought with them. God, men and the devil these are the three forms who reside on her though all look alike externally. 
Daivy Sampada of Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prem and Asuri Sampada of ego and maya - these are only two ways by which entire mankind is seperated. ‘The resources on earth are entrusted to us’ thats what the divine thinks, and ‘they belong to us alone’, that is what the asuras say. Various nations, their governments should do introspection and accordingly modify their policies. Bharatmata is known to be annapurna as there are people living on agriculture and also want to feed to others, where as there is abnormal race on the other hand. What gives you life whether the food or the weapans? Live your life and also let live! Be the giver of life and do not take it away! This dual has been there, will be there too but in the process I hope we are wisened. History has taught us this. His-story-whose story? Bhagwat has taught us this. If krishna meets the rishi Charak, I think he will feed him the curd rice and the sugar, indicating the importance of madhur rasa. 
 meesceiegCejmeeled ceOegjë
If this soma or rain was not there other rasas are not created. If the rain is not showered on earth she does not blossom. 
 ceOegjeefOeHeles ceOegjb ceOegjb
He would have underlined the need of Satvika anna. The prison where he was born is the Garbha only and Vasudeo brought it out from the clutches of Maya. - Ajit C. Dalvi 
ß men veeJeJeleg ~ men veew YegvekeÌleg ~ men Jeer³e¥ keÀjJeeJenw ~ lespeeqmJe veeJeOeerlecemleg ~ cee efJeefÜ<eeJenw ~ ß Meeefvleë Meeefvleë Meeefvleë~ß Heb®eelcekebÀ Heb®emeg Jele&ceeveb <e[eÞe³eb <e[diegCe³eesie³egkeÌleced ~ les meHleOeelegb ef$eceueb efܳeeseEve ®elege|JeOeenejce³eb Mejerjb YeJeefle ~ Heb®eelcekeÀefceefle keÀmceeled He=efLeJ³eeHemlespees Jee³egjekeÀeMeefcel³eefjcevHeb®eelcekesÀ Mejerjs Mejerjs keÀe He=efLeJeer keÀe DeeHe eEkeÀ lespeë keÀes Jee³egë efkeÀceekeÀeMe- efcel³eeqmcevHeb®eelcekesÀ Mejerjs le$e ³elkeÀefþveb mee He=efLeJeer ³eodêJeb lee DeeHeë ³eog<Ceb leÊespeë ³elmeb®ejefle me Jee³egë ³elmegef<ejb leoekeÀeMeb efcel³eg®³eles ~ le$e He=efLeJeer OeejCes DeeHeë efHeC[erkeÀjCes lespeë ÒekeÀeMeves Jee³egJ³et&nves DeekeÀeMeceJekeÀeMeÒeoeves ~ He=LeJeÞees$es MeyoesHeueyOeew lJekedÀ mHeMex ®e#eg<eer ©Hes efpe»e jmeves veeefmekeÀe Ie´´eCes GHemLe Deevevoves DeHeeve Glmeiex yeg×îee yegO³eefle cevemee mebkeÀuHe³eefle Jee®ee Jeoefle ~ <e[eÞe³eefceefle keÀmceeled~ ceOegjecueueJeCe-eflekeÌlekeÀìgkeÀ<ee³ejmeeeqvJevoleerefle ~ <e[dpe$eÝ<eYeievOeej-ceO³eceHeb®eceOewJele efve<eeoe ½esleeräeefveäMeyomeb%eeë ~ ÒeefCeOeeveeÎMeefJeOee YeJeefvle ~~1~~MegkeÌuees jkeÌleë ke=À<Cees Oetce´ë Heerleë keÀefHeueë HeeC[j Fefle ~ meHle OeelegkeÀefceefle keÀmceeled ³eoe osJeoÊem³e êJ³eefoefJe<e³ee pee³evles ~ HejmHejb meewc³eiegCelJeeled <e[defJeOees jmees jmee®íesefCele MeesefCeleevceemeb ceebmeevcesoes cesomeë mvee³eJeë mvee³egY³eesçmLeerefve DeefmLeY³ees ceppee ceppeeleë Meg¬ebÀ Meg¬eÀMeesefCelemeb³eesieeoeJele&les ieYeex Ëefo J³eJemLeeb ve³eefle Ëo³es vlejeeqiveë DeeqivemLeeves efHeÊeb efHeÊe-mLeeves Jee³egë Jee³eglees Ëo³eb ÒeepeeHel³eeled  ¬eÀceeled~~2~~ $eÝlegkeÀeues mebÒe³eesieeoskeÀje$eesef<eleb keÀueueb YeJeefle meHleje$eesef<eleb yegodyegob YeJeefle DeOe&ceemeeY³evlejs efHeC[es YeJeefle~ ceebmeeY³evlejs keÀefþveesYeJeefle ceemeܳesve efMejë mebHeÐeles ~ ceeme$e³esCe HeeoÒeosMees YeJeefle ~ DeLe ®elegLex ceemes ieguHeÀpeþjkeÀefìÒeosMee YeJeefvle ~ Heb®eces ceemes He=ÿJebMeesYeJeefle~ <eÿs ceemes cegKeveeefmekeÀeef#eÞees$eeefCe YeJeefvle ~ meHleces ceemes peerJesve me³egkeÌlees YeJeefle ~ Deäces ceemes meJe&ue#eCemecHetCeex YeJeefle ~ efHelet  jsleesçeflejskeÀelHeg©<ees ceeletjsleesçeflejskeÀelðeer GYe³eesyeeapelegu³elJeeVeHegmebkeÀes YeJeefle ~ J³eekegÀefuelecevemeesçvOeeë Kepeeë kegÀypee Jeecevee YeJeefvle ~Dev³eesv³eJee³egHeefjHeeref[le Meg¬eÀÜwefJeO³eeÊeveg m³eeÊelees ³egiceeë Òepee³evles ~ Heb®eelcekeÀë meceLe&ë Heb®eeeqlcekeÀe ®eslemee yegef×ie&vOejmeeefo%eevee#eje#ejceeWkeÀejb ef®evle³eleerefle leosleoskeÀe#ejb %eelJeeäew Òeke=Àle³eë <ees[Me efJekeÀejeë Mejerjs lem³ewJe osefnveë DeLe cee$eeefMele Heerlevee[ermet$eielesve ÒeeCe DeeH³ee³eles ~ DeLe veJeces ceeefme meJe&ue#eCe%eevekeÀjCemecHetCeex YeJeefle ~ HetJe&peeefleb mcejefle ~ MegYeeMegYeb ®e keÀce& efJeoefvle~~3~~ HetJe&³eesefvemenðeeefCe ¢<ìdJee ®ewJe lelees ce³ee ~ Deeneje efJeefJeOee YegkeÌleeë Heerlee veeveeefJeOeeë mleveeë ~~ peele½ewJe ce=le½ewJe pevce ®ewJe Hegveë Hegveë ³evce³ee Heefjpevem³eeLex ke=Àleb ~ Denes ogëKeesoOeew ceivees ve HeM³eeefce Òeefleef¬eÀ³eeced ~ keÀce& MegYeeMegYeced ~~ SkeÀekeÀer lesve o¿esçnbiemleemles HeÀueYeesefieveë~ ³eefo ³eesv³eeë Òeceg®³esçn lelÒeHeÐes censéejced ~ DeMegYe#e³ekeÀlee&jb HeÀuecegeqkeÌleÒeoe³ekeÀced ~ ³eefo ³eesv³eeë Òeceg®³esçnb lelÒeHeÐes veeje³eCeced~DeMegYe#e³ekeÀlee&jb HeÀue cegeqkeÌleÒeoe³ekeÀced ³eefo ³eesv³eeë Òeceg®³esçnb lelmeebK³eb ³eesieceY³emes ~ DeMegYe#e³ekeÀlee&jb HeÀuecegeqkeÌleÒeoe³ekeÀced ~ ³eefo ³eesv³eeë Òeceg®³esçnb O³ee³es ye´ïe meveeleveced ~ DeLe ³eesefveÜejb mebÒeeHlees ³ev$esCeeHeer[îeceevees cenlee ogëKesve peelecee$emleg Jew<CeJesve Jee³etvee mebmHe=ämleoe ve mcejefle pevcecejCeeefve ve ®e keÀce& MegYeeMegYeb efJevoefle~~4~~Mejerjefceefle keÀmceeled ~ Deive³ees ¿e$e efÞe³evles %eeveeeqiveo&Me&veeeqiveë keÀesÿeeqiveefjefle ~ le$e keÀesÿeeqivevee&ceemeeefMeleHeerleues ¿e®ees<³eb He®eefle oMe&veeiveer ©HeeCeeb oMe&veb keÀjesefle ~ %eeveeeqiveë MegYeeMegYeb ®e keÀce& efJevoefle ~ $eerefCe mLeeveeefve YeJeefvle cegKes DeenJeveer³e Gojs ieen&Hel³ees Ëefo  oef#eCeeeqive Deelcee³epeceevees cevees ye´ïee ueesYeeo³eë HeMeJees Oe=efleoea#ee meblees<e½e yeg×ereqvê³eeefCe ³e%eHee$eeefCe nJeeref<e keÀcexeqvê³eeefCe efMejë keÀHeeueb kesÀMee oYee& cegKecevleJexefoë ®eleg<keÀHeeue efMejë <ees[Me Heeée&ovleHeìueeefve meHleesÊej cece&Meleb meeMeereflekebÀ mebefIeMeleb meveJekebÀ mvee³egMeleb meHle efMejeMeleeefve Heb®e ceppeeMeleeefve DemLeerefve ®e n Jew $eerefCe Meleeefve <e<þerë meeOe&®eleðees jesceeefCe keÀesìîees Ëo³eb Heueev³eäew ÜeoMe Heuee efpe»e efHeÊeÒemLeb keÀHeÀm³eeMeg¬eÀkegÀ[Jeb cesoë ÒemLeew ÜeJeefve³eleb cet$eHegjer<eceenejHeefjceeCeeled ~ HewHHeueeob cees#eMeeðeb HewHHeueeob cees#eMeeðeefceefle ~~5~~
Oh God ! Protect both of us. Let us enjoy together. Let us work together. Make us brilliant. Let us not hate.Let peace prevail in all of us.

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