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Zecharia Sitchin v.S. Modern Science Part 1

Zecharia Sitchin v.S. Modern Science Part 1

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Published by jim100ab
All you have to do is Google the BOLD text in the doc and see the vids! All the research was done by internet Google and compiled by jim100ab
All you have to do is Google the BOLD text in the doc and see the vids! All the research was done by internet Google and compiled by jim100ab

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: jim100ab on Apr 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Zecharia Sitchin V.S. Modern Science Part 1Zecharia Sitchin is an archaeologist and a linguist he says that the Sumerian’s werethe first civilization on earth. The Sumerian civilizationemerged upon the flood plains of the lower reaches of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers about 4,000 B.C. that would make itabout 6,000 calendar yeas ago.I’m guessing he used carbon dating to find this out.Was planet x/ Nibiru a rouge planet that had an advanced race living on it?What solar system could it have come from?
In Sumerians and the Anunnaki. Presentation By Zecharia Sitchin (FULL) – YouTube
Zecharia Sitchin explains what he found and I’ll quote him as best that I can.
Sumerians and the Anunnaki. Presentation By Zecharia Sitchin (FULL) – YouTube
time index 26:23 and ending 30:54 Zecharia Sitchin give the Sumerians creation story as“And they say that once the solar system began to coalesce the way our modern scientistsay around our sun and the varies planets began to form. An invader another planet thrustout from some other solar system passed near ours. But as it passed near our solar system it began to be pulled in by the gravitational pull of the other planets. And changed coursenow you notices an interesting thing while all the planets rotate in one direction which iscounter clock wise we say. This one orbits in the opposite direction which being unusual being retrograde but as it was drawn in, in the opposite direction inevitably it collided withone of the other planets in our solar system. Which in the Sumerian text was Theiamus this planet the invader which was later named Nibiru acquired varies satellites or moons as itwas passing by the other planets. Theiamus which is treated a female a female celestialentity had eleven satellites one of them quite large unusually large. I called tailed kingdomwhen they clash finale occurred referred to in those texts celestial deepen. Theiamus washit twice actually. This is just one of my drawings from my book. Was hit by some of themoons satellites of the invader and was broken up. Half of it became bits and pieces theasteroid belt which that text in the bible chapter one geneses refers to it as the hammered bracelet. Because it orbits like a bracelet around the sun and the other half was thrust intoanother orbit carrying with it Theiamus largest moon to be come our planet earth and itssatellite the moon. An unusually large one I think so in our solar system. Now withoutspending time this evening on the subject but it’s in my varies other books. I for exampleyou know what modern science says about our planet earth. That all the continents used to be on one side on the other side was just a huge cavity that was filled with water. And it’sstill called the Pacific Ocean I do read about the origin about the moon etcetera it allcorroborates it all agrees with the Sumerian cosmology. Now what happened to the invader according to the Sumerian the invader it self became a member of the solar system a 12
member because they counted it the sun the earth it’s moon not 9 but ten planets.”Is there any scientific evidence to support planets moving around or change orbitswith other planets? Surprisingly the answer is yes!
THE UNIVERSE How the Solar System was Made – YouTube
at time index28:52 and ending 33:20 here we start with the giant impact theory to explain how the earthand the moon were formed. Clifford Johnson from Univ. of southern California explains“It’s actually believed that the earth was in its early faze accompanied by another planet a proto planet called Theia, which is actually in a similar orbit to earth accentually followingthe same path”. Alex Filippenko from Univ. California, Berkeley continues with “the earth
Theia collision early in the history of the solar system must have been a spectacular event aMars size object came in and hit earth’s side splattering part of the crust and mantel of bothobjects into space forming a ring of debris from which the moon then formed”. CharlesBeichman form NASA Exoplanet Science Institute “As waves of densities are form in thedisk the planets are almost surfing on the waves of material in the disk itself your reallyshuffling the deck completely were planets are form to where we finally see them”. AlexFilippenko from Univ. California, Berkeley “Early on the outer planets tended to movearound quite a bit they migrated now Saturn Uranus and Neptune sent planetesimals intoward the sun. That means that they had to generally move outwards. Whereas Jupiter flung planetesimals out to very great distances even ejected them from the solar system andthat means Jupiter had to move in. When a planet ejects a planetesimals the planet itself hasto move in a little bit. And that’s simple conservation of energy it’s giving a lot of energyto the planetesimals dumping it way out there that mean it the planet has to move in it losesenergy. If an orbiting object loses energy it’s not moving a quickly that means it drops to alower orbit”.Okay there you have it on a larger scale a planet could have been flung out of asolar system just like a planetesimal. However planetesimals are flung out early in a solar systems life. Are there other forces that can move planets around in their orbits?
THEUNIVERSE How the Solar System was Made – YouTube
at time index 35:11 andending 36:37 Mike Brown from Caltech “As soon as Jupiter and Saturn hit the resonance itwas catastrophic. The entire solar system flew apart in just a million years which is a tinyamount of time compared to the age of the solar system”. Charles Beichman form NASAExoplanet Science Institute “It’s like pumping a kid on a swing if you hit the kid on theswing at just the right time you can get the motion to go higher and higher and higher.Michael Mischan NASA/JPL “As all of the planets were orbiting around the solar systemhaving gravitational interactions with each other. One of the most amazing things thathappened is what Uranus and Neptune actually switched places so now Neptune is farther away the Uranus”. Alex Filippenko from Univ. California, Berkeley “Jupiter alone is quitea gravitational bully and gradually depleted the asteroid belt. But the Jupiter and Saturnresonance caused a catastrophic depletion of both the asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt”.If a planet resonance could move massive planets like Uranus and Neptune then itcould be responsible for ejecting planet x/ Nibiru out of its solar system.What about the Anunnaki? Well the planetary resonance would have had to happenlate the solar systems life. It would have to be late enough for the Anunnaki to developtechnology to see the planetary resonance coming and be able to do something about it.So that could the Anunnaki do? The only thing to do would be to turn their planetinto a generational spaceship of some kind. It could be possible to build domes over their cities or dig out large caverns under the planets surface or do both.What would happen to the atmosphere of planet x/ Nibiru? As the planet moves outinto space the coldness of space would freeze the atmosphere and it would fall to thesurface.
The Outer Planets S01E11 - The Universe - History Channel – YouTube
Thenarrator Erik Thomson explains at time index 11:08 and ending 11:33 “Pluto’s pock marked surface under goes a transformation as it orbits near the sun. Under the additionalheat some of the frozen gasses evaporate to form a temporary atmosphere. As Pluto recedesfrom the sun the gasses frieze again and falls back down to the surface”. Unlike Pluto, planet x/ Nibiru’s atmosphere will stay frozen.
 Now the long journey to our solar system begins, but how long would it take? Lets pretend the planet x/ Nibiru came from the closest star to us. The closest star is AlphaCentauri at 4.5 light years away. A light year is 6 trillion miles so multiplied by 4.5 we get27 trillion miles!
Nemesis The Sun's Evil Twin S06E02 - The Universe - HistoryChannel – YouTube
time index 2:40 and ending 2:56 Richard Muller 
explains that our solar system might be a binary star system, “The Nemesis theory postulates that there is astar orbiting the sun at a 26 million year period that’s about it almost no other assumptionneed to be made”. This is why he believes earth experiences mass extinctions every 26million years. I’m going to use some numbers from
Nemesis The Sun's Evil TwinS06E02 - The Universe - History Channel – YouTube
to try and get an idea of how longthe trip from Alpha Centauri would take. At time index 18:19 and ending 18:30 RichardMuller gives us some usable numbers. “We know it’s a 26 million year period that tells ushow far out it is it has a radius of about a little over a light year so we know the orbit size”.Let say an average of 1 light year every 26 million years, so 26 million times 4.5light years = 117 million years travel time from Alpha Centauri! That puts them at the edgeof our solar system ready to be captured by our sun. If planet x/ Nibiru came from anyother star which is more likely the travel time would be much longer. Before you jump for  joy, the Anunnaki have a lot more problems to solve before arriving here alive.
oxtrot now what?Lets stay with the unlike theory that planet x/ Nibiru came from Alpha Centauri.The Anunnaki still need the big three of survival air, water and food in that order to stayalive. Huge underground caverns turned into hydroponics gardens for fresh eatables wouldwork. The plant life would turn carbon dioxide to air animal life turns air into carbondioxide. These huge caverns would naturally create a sustainable biosphere. With stringentwater recycling and with frozen water from the surface lakes and streams life would carryon.The Anunnaki now need power to run the lights for hydroponics gardens, water  pumps, heating and cooling, air circulation and everything else a civilization would need tosurvive. As an advanced race they would have fossil fuels and even if they were lesswasteful then us it would run out. They may have even used hydro power, atomic power,geothermal power, wind and solar power. But, as a rouge planet in deep space hydro power, wind and solar power would be useless. That would leave only geothermal power asa renewable power source how much they could harness is anyone’s guess. The only other sources of renewable power would be hydrogen gas, antimatter and dark energy and theyall exist in space.
Space Travel S02E08 - The Universe - History Channel – YouTube
time index 28:06 and ending 28:54 Michio Kaku from City University of New York “Myfavourite design to take us to the stars is the ram jet fusion engine the ram jet engine has agigantic scoop in the forward direction that gobbles up hydrogen gas as it moved in deepspace. It collects the hydrogen gas and then fuses it just like the sun and shoots out a hugestream of ions out the other end, and on paper it looks fantastic on paper it looks as if a jam jet fusion engine could go on for ever simple using up the hydrogen that’s found naturallyin outer space”. Yes, I know that he’s talking about a spaceship. However, the principalwould be the same you create a small sun and use it to run the power generators on the planet. Even if they can’t create a fusion engine they could still burn the hydrogen to runthe power generators. Antimatter and dark energy would be a lot harder to use as a fuelsource but may be possible as both are found in deep space but it’s highly unlikely.

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