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The DARK SIDE of ECKANKAR by Ruth and Noah Samuelson

The DARK SIDE of ECKANKAR by Ruth and Noah Samuelson

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Published by ruthnoahsamuelson
Further evidence that Eckankar is a covert occult organization and a front for Luciferian Freemasonry.
Further evidence that Eckankar is a covert occult organization and a front for Luciferian Freemasonry.

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Published by: ruthnoahsamuelson on Dec 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Dark Side of Eckankar
 by Ruth and Noah Samuelson ______________________________________________ 
Eckankar, and similar New Age movements, are successful in attracting new members because they cleverly disguise their real intentions. In our previous article,
 Evidencethat Eckankar is a covert occult organization and a front for the Illuminati
(October 2008), we showed how this New Age movement, founded by Paul Twitchell in 1965,is really a covert form of Luciferian Freemasonry and that members are unwittinglyworshipping Egyptian deities.These ‘deities’ are actually demons or powerful psychic entities.In every period of history, there have existed groups and organizations whichworshipped these demons. In order to recruit and subvert new members, they oftenhad to present these
 person wouldkeep well away. Then, once they join and submit to a series of initiations designed to‘open’ them to ‘spirit,’ they are gradually brought under the control of these malignentities. This process can take years, but demons are patient.The prophets of Israel warned again and again about the dangers of Baal worship. Asmessengers of the One True God, they were trying to alert people to the dangers of magic and the real risk of possession. Jesus spent much of his ministry casting outdemons. Why? Because so many people had fallen under their control.That was a long time ago, you may say. But demons are as active today as they werein Biblical times. The spiritual leader of Eckankar, Harold Klemp, confirmed this inhis autobiography,
Child in the Wilderness
(which we will discuss at greater length below).Demons take care never to reveal their true identity until long after their intendedvictim has fallen under their spell. Their many seductive guises include ‘masters,’‘angels,’ ‘totem animals,’ ‘inner lights’ and extra-terrestrials.In this article we will present compelling evidence, based largely on the written worksof the ‘Eck Masters’ themselves, which show that they are actually operating under acontrolling force and that the ‘illumination’ they promise is Luciferian.Please be patient with us as we present the evidence. We know this is bound to be ashocking discovery for sincere members of Eckankar. If you have not already done so, please read our previous article before proceeding any further. It will help yourecognize that Eckankar is definitely not what it seems.1
Among the members and former members of Eckankar whom we contacted in thecourse of our research was Robert Marsh, the author of two books on Eckankar (
We Are Not Alone
Unfold Your Golden Wings
). He was deeply shocked by theevidence set out in our (then) draft article and took several days to recover, at whichstage, he said, “the spell was broken.” He realized that the charges made in the articlewere substantially correct, particularly in light of a “ghastly” experience he himself had just had while on an Eckankar mission to Africa (He later sent us a letter describing this and other events which, with his permission, we reproduce below).Other former members of Eckankar supplied additional relevant information andconfirmed certain matters of fact.We’ll begin by taking a closer look at Paul Twitchell and then see how this cunningindividual deceived a shy and lonely young man, a former student in training for theChristian ministry, Harold Klemp.
Darwin Gross
However, before embarking on our analysis of Twitchell and Klemp, we’d like first tosay a few words about Darwin Gross, the ‘Eck Master’ who succeeded Twitchell asleader of Eckankar. Despite the many disturbing facts about him, most new membersknow little or nothing about his role in Eckankar. This New Age ‘religion’ is being presented to the public as though he had never existed, even though he led theorganization for ten years. His bullying, womanizing and arrogant behavior, not tomention his attempted theft of Eckankar funds – seemingly over $1m – was hardlyconsistent with his role as God’s representative on earth.
conduct alone wouldconvince any objective person that Eckankar is a fraud on every level.He and Klemp fought a nasty battle for control of the organization, which Klempwon. In the course of their confrontation, Klemp wrote an article which he circulatedto all members, entitled ‘Methods of the Black Magician’
The Mystic World,
Winter 1983). This was clearly aimed at Gross. Klemp described the methods of the black magician as follows: “The black magician creeps into his prey’s life, step-by-step.Every emotional trick is used to bind the two ever more closely together.” Please bear this statement in mind as we proceed as you may wish to consider whether, and towhat extent, it applies to both Twitchell and Klemp.
Twitchell, Hubbard, Crowley and Parsons
In our previous article we showed the close association between Paul Twitchell andRon Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. We mentioned the Satanic rites whichHubbard conducted with the famous Satanist, Jack Parsons. Parsons studied magicunder the most notorious black magician of the 20
century, Aleister Crowley. Duringa magical rite, Crowley became possessed by the demon of Horus while on a trip toEgypt in 1904. This demon called itself Aiwaz (For some reason, many demons likenames with the letter ‘Z’ in them). Over a period of several years the demonstrengthened its grip until it had Crowley under his complete control. Workingthrough Crowley via the occult technique known as channeling, the demon produceda number of major works on black magic, including
The Book of the Law
The Book of Lies
. These Satanic books have been consulted avidly ever since by studentsof the occult, most of whom try to raise demons through the rites of ceremonialmagic.2
Given Crowley’s status among the world of black magicians and his association withParsons, one can be sure that Hubbard was himself possessed. Many attest to his powerful hypnotic powers and the remarkable psychic control he exercised over hisassociates. Demons who have secured possession of a person continually strive torecruit new victims. Since Twitchell worked closely with Hubbard in the early 1950s,as both Klemp and Marman have confirmed, and had a number of friends in the inner circles of scientology (again confirmed by Klemp and Marman), it is very likely thathe came under pressure from Hubbard and others to participate in these or similar rites. Whether or not he did is unproven.
The Tiger’s Fang 
In any event, according to Klemp, Twitchell had the ‘experience’ recorded in
TheTiger’s Fang 
in late 1956 or early 1957. This book gives a detailed and graphicaccount of a journey Twitchell took out of his body while (he claims) visiting theoccult city of Srinigar in Kashmir, northern India. He was led by a ‘master’ namedRebazar Tarzs who had “shining, coal black eyes.” During this ‘journey’ he metnumerous deities on the ‘inner planes’ and experienced colossal demonstrations of  power, blinding surges of white light, and disabling waves of celestial energy.Experts in the esoteric and the dangers posed by prolonged fascination with the occultwill recognize Twitchell’s experience as one of severe demonic possession. Twitchellhimself described it as ‘God Realization.’ He thought he was becoming the Godman,the supreme occult goal sought by all magicians.Klemp himself confirmed that this experience really shook Twitchell and that it took him almost ten years to regain some kind of balance in his life. Klemp interpretedthese difficult years in Twitchell’s life as one of major change, in preparation for mastership. In reality, they were typical of the dreadful inner struggles that manyvictims of possession go through before they finally succumb completely to the willof the demon controlling them. Crowley himself is said to have struggled with hisdemon, Aiwaz, for several years before he finally succumbed.By 1965, the demon had established complete control over Twitchell. He was thensent on his mission to recruit more victims for his ‘master.’ For this purpose heestablished a new occult teaching, dressed up in seductive New Age clothing, whichhe called Eckankar. He plagiarized other authors shamelessly even Marmanconcedes this – and used his talent for journalism to promote himself in the public eyeand to package Eckankar in an innocent, eye-catching way.
Twitchell tries to break free
The years between the experience in Srinigar and 1965, where he declared to theworld that he was the ‘Godman,’ the true incarnation of God on earth, Twitchellappears to have made at least one attempt to escape the power of the demon that was possessing him. This was around 1961 when, according to Klemp, Twitchell tried toget baptized into the Catholic Church (
The Secret Teachings
, p.146-147). Fosomeone who was only a few years away from declaring to the whole world that hewas the Godman, this was certainly a reckless act, a sign that something was terriblywrong.It is unclear why he didn’t persist since the power of Jesus would have set him free.3

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Eckankar members are brainwashed by a very sophisticated New Age method created by planet earth's controllers. Paul Twitchell tells the member quote: "Eckankar was brought to earth millions of years ago by an unknown race called the God Eaters". What he means is that Eckankar was created as a Left Gate to keep the Sheeple from realizing that they are God and not some made up Eck Masters.

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