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BQ T Nuclear is Alternative Energy

BQ T Nuclear is Alternative Energy

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Published by AffNeg.Com

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Published by: AffNeg.Com on Dec 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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T- Nuclear Is Alternative Energy1.Nuclear is the core of the topic, nuclear energy is the onlyalternative that can be a base load supplier
, Professor of law @ Chicago-Kent College of Law, 20
NewYork University Environmental Law Journal
, 15 N.Y.U. Envtl. L.J. 1, “The New PowerGeneration: Environmental Law And Electricity Innovation: Colloquium Article: TheEcological Advantages Of Nuclear Power,” [LexisNexis Academic].
I have argued that
next decade's
need for reliable base-load electrical generation in the United States willbe solved by building
nuclear power plants
or coal-fired power plants;
the unreliability of natural gassupplies and prices,and the intermittent nature of current renewable resources, make them unsuitable forbase-load needs
. The extent to which a significant share of this new generation will be nuclear depends on awide range of factors, only one of which - ecological impact - is discussed in this article. Insofar as that factor isconcerned, however, the
evidence overwhelmingly favors nuclear power over coal
and I hope that this willbe recognized and taken into consideration
. But I am making no prediction as to how important nuclear power will become, because any student of the history of energy knows that all forecasts always seem to be wrong.
2. Counter definition
alternative energy is not fossil fuelsRandom House, 06
energy,as solar, wind, or nuclear energy, that can replace or supplement traditionalfossil-fuel sources, as coal, oil, and natural gas.
3. we allow for one more case, the nuclear AFF, the NEG will findtime to cut a NEG4. Under the NEG interpretation it leads to a race to the bottom, inwhich only one case become topicalA. this kills all education, we only get to run one set of arguments each yearB. AFF flex outweighs neg predictability, the NEG has theblock, AFF needs some element of surprise5. Nuclear is good for the topic, it allows us to learn about the mostviable alternative to fossil fuels.6. the Negative can still run their fossil fuels Disads,7. the NEG can also run nuclear specific CP and DA, which are waybetter than the crappy renewables DA 

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