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Statement on LC by Vens

Statement on LC by Vens

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Published by LCTeaching
A statement by Ven. Chandra and Ven. Akasha shedding light on the events on Sunday, April 22, 2012.
A statement by Ven. Chandra and Ven. Akasha shedding light on the events on Sunday, April 22, 2012.

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Published by: LCTeaching on Apr 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A statement by Lama Christie's personal attendant andcaretakers, Ven. Chandra and Ven. Akasha shedding light on theevents of Monday April 22nd 2012. “After the events of the week of Feb 12th, Lama Christieand Ein were asked to leave the 3-year retreat valley atDiamond Mountain. When they had entered 3-year retreat theyhad taken a vow to stay within the Tsam boundaries at any cost.Lama Christie also had a responsibility to the 37 retreatants whohad gone into 3-year retreat with her as their Lama and to stayclose to them and support their retreat. Lama Christie and Ein decided to stay on nearby federalland on Tara mountain which was inside the retreat boundary but outside the Diamond Mountain property. They found a caveon Tara mountain at around 7000 feet where they continuedtheir retreat with great success and joy. Almost 10 days ago Lama Christie fell sick and could notleave the cave for several days. Ein stayed by her side to takecare of her, because he did not want to leave her alone. In a fewdays she began to recover but Ein began to exhibit similar symptoms. In the delirium of their sickness they lost track of the passage of days. Their stock of water ran low and they were tooweak to go down from 6000-7000 feet to retrieve water.Unfortunately they were unaware of the lethal consequences of dehydration. On the morning of Sun Apr 22, she awoke before dawn tofind Ein unconscious and unsure if he was breathing. She called

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Premadas added this note
I studied and attended classes with Roach in the mid-90's. After he returned from his first three year silent retreat he was a completely changed person and I no longer got a good feeling from him. He married a student and began practicing Jivamukti Yoga. As he grew in name and fame his days as a humble monk were a thing of the past. Sad to see the decline of a once well respected teacher and monk
Jl Kenney added this note
Wake up and be in THIS world where we need you. Heaven is meant to be created here on earth through our acknowledgment of our responsibility for those who – through no fault of their own (karma be damned) – are screwed by a monetary system that rewards psychopaths. I did my ngondro, I even studied with Roach. You and your body are the solution, not some pumped up, shakti-addicted, wanna be gurus.
Daniel Villalta added this note
Dear Matthew, ur comentary about vajrayoguini practice can be useful for psichotic people...but for mental balanced people..no problem. Also,to practice tantra some understanding of emptiness is necessary. I don´t think there is any problem in doing these visualizations with knifes,etc..but if the people who practice it ,interpreted literally and are psichotics..then..of course can be harmful.
Matthew Remski added this note
Here is my report on these events, blended with my personal knowledge of the principles from about 12 years ago: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2012/0...
Mark_Bartosh_398 added this note
Its so sad to hear of this great loss. I knew Ian personally and am very surprised that such an extreme event would come his way. Why didn't the head of the center provide them with food and supplies or call a next of kin to let someone know what was happening. I hope the police investigate this and find out what really happened.
Gray Sky added this note
And also why in the front page DM Board says they had no knowledge of the two of them who were kicked out camping outside DM. Yet Christie her self states they saw people with flashes looking for them for many nights. DM KNEW these two were fragile and they knew they left for the mountain. And again why were they kicked out when this knife incident appeared to be an accident even for the police
Gray Sky added this note
I suspect someone had a personal agenda to get rid of her.
Gray Sky added this note
Still, very reckless to go up in a cave without any support for water. I feel for her. She sounds very emotional. You don't need to escape into the deep wilderness where your live is in great danger in order to do a 3 year retreat. I hope she finds some peace soon. As to this Board...even the cops said there was no need for investigation. Why were these two kicked out in the middle of retreat?

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