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Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage



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Published by B-Money
A Look into the gay marriage debate from a psychological perspective
A Look into the gay marriage debate from a psychological perspective

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Published by: B-Money on Dec 24, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brandon BookerPsychologySame Sex Relationships: Constructive or Destructive?President Bush ascertains that, “Ages of experience have taughthumanity that the commitment of a husband and wife to love and to serveone another promotes the welfare of children and the stability of society.” This statement is in reference to Bush’s and others’ opinion that same sexcouples lack the capability of sustaining the welfare of children and same sexmarriages do not contribute to the stability of society. According to Bush’sbelief regarding heterosexual couples, same sex couples’ relationships at theleast have no positive or negative bearing on maintaining the strength of society and at the other end same sex marriages show a direct relationshipwith the instability of society. Same sex couples for years have sought toposses the same legal and social rights afforded to their heterosexualcounterparts with the two most important rights being the right to equalmarriage and the right to raise/adopt children. Some states have passedlaws legalizing same sex unions which afford these couples with the samelegal standing as their heterosexual counterparts. Other states have gonethe polar opposite route approving Defense of Marriage Acts in 38 stateswhich terminates the legality of same sex unions in each one of these states. The answer to the question of whether same sex couples should be allowedthe same rights legally and socially as heterosexual couples is not clear cut
although psychologists have conducted countless experiments to find thisaforementioned answer. Here six psychological journal articles will bepresented to argue both sides of the gay marriage debate, which will provethat this topic does not have one proven theory to enlighten the world onfinite answer concerning the conviction of President Bush and everyone whoshares the same sentiment about homosexuality and the ability to equallyparticipate in child rearing and social institutions such as marriage.Should same sex couples be afforded the right to legal marriage by theUS government? Psychology professor Lawrence A. Kurdek theorizes that viacomparing same sex couples without children with heterosexual couples withand without children empirical evidence can be derived confirming hishypothesis that same sex couples are no more maladjusted to the samerelationship stress factors present in their heterosexual counterparts. Theonly evidence against same sex couples inferred through Kurdek’s study inpossessing equivalent strength in maintaining healthy relationships was anapparent lack in social support. Kurdek derived his premise on theassumption that since same sex couples are barred from the institution of marriage, there must be drastic differences in how same sex relationshipswork when contrasted to heterosexual couples. In order to gather fair andempirically sound data from same sex couples and heterosexual couples thepool of participants who were same sex couples were analyzed solely onindividual and joint attributes where as the sample of heterosexual couplesincluded couples without children and couples with children. According to the
2000 Census it is estimated that only 33% of female same sex couples and22% of male same sex couples cohabitated with their children, and to boot,same sex couples who are fighting for the right to marry are for the largestpart childless. This means that the sentiment that same sex couples shouldnot be allowed to legally wed on the basis of being unsound parents islogically incorrect, and for all intents and purposes invalidates one of thelargest arguments against allowing same sex couples the right to marriage.Kurdek’s study analyzed the relationships of newlywed couples, and throughsurveys which participants mailed in over a year’s span, Kurdek assembledstatistical data regarding heterosexual couples who were childless based. The same sex couples who were studied did not have this criterion, butrather the empirical data taken from gay and lesbian couples came frommany diverse same sex couples at different stages in their relationships. Forthe final group Kurdek used married couples who had children younger than18 living in the home as the control for this experiment. Setting marriedheterosexual couples with children in the home and newlywed heterosexualcouples who are cohabitating without children as control groups incomparison to the one variable group, same sex couples collectively sampledover different lengths of time in each individual couples relationship with soleexperimental design criterion being these couples were cohabitating withoutchildren; allows several different inferences to be taken from the data of Kurdek’s experiment. First, comparing the samples taken from same sexcouples side by side with those of newlywed heterosexual couples generates

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