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Published by cjohns51

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Published by: cjohns51 on May 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Acceptance - Many kids feel that they are not getting the attention they believe they deserve at home. They start looking for this attention andlove in other places and often find what they are looking for in a gang. The gang essentially becomes their family.· Excitement - This group of kids love the high of committing crimes and getting away with it. They often do their crimes just to be chased by thepolice. These individuals are adrenaline junkies and love the thrill of criminal activity.· To earn money - More and more, we are seeing gang members turn towards using the gang to make a profit through illegal activities. Sellingnarcotics, robberies, burglaries, auto thefts, and other property crimes are common in many gangs. Many gangs specialize in specific criminalactivity.· Peer Pressure - If your kids are hanging around gangs and gang members, you can almost guarantee that they are being pressured to join thegang. It is important to know who your children are associating with.· Protection - In poor neighborhoods and neighborhoods with high gang activity, kids often have to join a gang just to survive. It is often easier to join the gang than to be victimized on a daily basis.· To Socialize - The best parties in town are gang parties. Easy access to liquor, narcotics, and girls are attractive to potential gang recruits.Young males who have a hard time socializing and talking to girls find girls often with in gangs.
There are many reasons why kids join gangs, but like most youth activities, whether criminal orotherwise, most kids join gangs for companionship and love.The desire to belong to a gang may stem from a variety of motives, but the one thing all gangshave in common is a claim on turf and territory. A gang’s turf may be a block, a neighborhood,or an entire area of the city. Members wear the gang colors, or a particular style of clothes andsymbols, which usually indicates luxury and power in certain neighborhoods. Gangs have leaders,and sometimes officers. Drug gangs are different from other kinds of gangs. They are moreorganized, and much more dangerous. They are responsible for the distribution of illegal drugsfrom marijuana to cocaine, and heroin to meth. Gang members often sell drugs, carry drugs andlarge amounts of cash, and protect dealers and other gang members from police or rival gangs.The drug trade is harsh and dangerous. Lower rung drug dealers do not drive BMWs, wear gold jewelry, or get rich quick. They work around the clock, six or seven days a week, for low wages,often enforced by the threat of violence. Gang murders are committed to increase profits, tocontrol renegade members, and to protect existing territories and markets. The more cunningand brutal the gang, the better its chances of success.One misconception about joining a gang is the thought of getting rich. Some young people thinkgang members are rich, drive expensive cars, and don’t have to work. However, very few gangmembers get rich. Most of their money goes in one hand and out the other to support flash andstyle rather than for living. Drug dealing is actually hard and dangerous work. Dealers are alwayson the job. Many use pagers so if someone wants to buy drugs they can get in touch with themat any time of the day or night. They are always on guard, watching for police or rival gangs.They are constantly in danger of being killed. The odds of surviving are not in their favor.
There are different reasons for different kids.
Some are drawn by parties, girls, & drugs.
Some are looking for a sense of respect and power.
Some find a feeling of caring and attention in a gang. Itbecomes almost a family to them.
Some want to make money -- to help out at home or to havenice clothes, etc.
Some join for self protection because they are picked on byother gangs.
Some grow up in a neighborhood where it is almost a way of life.
Most have some real or imagined problem at home thatmakes them prefer the streets.As their drug addiction grows, their problems at homebecome worsebecause parents don't know how to cope with the addiction
There are all kinds of reasons for joining a gang, but like most youth activities,whether criminal or otherwise, most young males and females join gangs forcompanionship and love. The desire to belong to a gang may stem from a variety of motives, but the one thing all gangs have in common is a claim on turf, or territory.A gang’s turf may be one block, a neighborhood, or an entire area of the city. Memberswear the gang’s colors, or a particular style of clothing and symbols, which many timesmay indicate luxury or power in a particular neighborhood. Certain social behavior,such as association with gang members and knowledge of gang signs, may also be amatter of survival .Many young males have to make peace with local gangs to go to school, work or merelywalk down a street in their neighborhood. Each gang has a leader, and sometimesother officers. Drug gangs are different from other kinds of gangs. They are much moreorganized, and much more dangerous. They are responsible for the distribution of illegal drugs from marijuana to cocaine and heroin to methamphetamine Gangmembers are required to sell drugs, carrying drugs and large amounts of cash and toprotect dealers and other gang members from police or rival gangs.The drug trade is harsh and dangerous, lower rung drug dealers do not drive BMWs,

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