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The Scientific Approach of the Afterlife by Arnold YAsin Mol

The Scientific Approach of the Afterlife by Arnold YAsin Mol

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Published by Redza
The scientific approach of the Afterlife, taking away the myth, replacing it with reality.
Arnold Yasin Mol©
The scientific approach of the Afterlife, taking away the myth, replacing it with reality.
Arnold Yasin Mol©

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Published by: Redza on Dec 26, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Scientific approach of the afterlife by Arnold YAsin Molmailbox:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Redza/Application...1 of 412/26/2008 9:01 PM
The Scientific approach of the afterlife by Arnold YAsin Mol
zakaria salleh <zkr_salleh@yahoo.com.sg>
Fri, 26 Dec 2008 10:10:45 +0800 (SGT)
"Sirius.ALM Sirius" <sirius_alm@yahoo.com>
Sunday, November 19, 2006
The scientific approach of the Afterlife by Arnold Yasin Mol
The scientific approach of the Afterlife, taking away the myth, replacing itwith reality.
Arnold Yasin Mol©I’ve been studying Quantum physics for quite some time now, and i’m going to sharewith you a little intro on the latest theory that will sound a bell of recognishing. First istart with a little intro on an understanding, that takes away the superstition side of mediums and reincarnation stories. Then it will move on to understanding resurrection.I tried here to explain it in the most simple and short form. I really believe, God gaveus the means to take away anything out of the myths and fantasy, and that we canfind answers in the laws of this creation.Reincarnation is based on teachings of a Greek school around a 100BC, theyinfluenced Buddhism and Hinduism with this doctrine, as it never mentioned byBuddha or in the Veda's. And this spread throughout the continents. So firstly it has notheological bases being known in the religions.The story of Buddha and the General:
"What do you mean with re-birth?"TheGeneral asked ; "When you were younger, you went to military school? Wasthe person who went to the school, the same person when he finished thetraining?"Asked the Buddha;"No, i guess not"The General said;"The youngerperson who went for education died, the person who finished the training,wasn't that younger person anymore, wasn't he? The younger untrained you,died, and was reborn again in the trained version. The untrained you, died,and the trained you was born, but they are both you. This cycle goes on yourwhole life."Said the Buddha.
We know now through Quantum physics, that the material world around us, is notbased on 'loose' particles with empty space between them. Now it is shown withexperiments, that there is no empty space, all is filled with energy. We live in onegigantic energy field. This energy field is even bigger then our universe, and probablyencompasses al universes. So this means if you move your arm, you 'push' asideenergy, and this will have effect throughout the whole field, it will not have hugeeffect, but it is like your in a pool, and you cause ripples and currents when you splashyour arms, not just around you, but in the whole pool. The reality around us is basedon different levels of worlds, that all are fixed in this field. Your organs are made out of cells, the cells out of cytoplasma, the cytoplasma out of molecules, the molecules outof neutrones,protones,elektrones, these are based on quarks and energy waves, theseare again based on smaller waves and then you will end up in infinity, you will end up
The Scientific approach of the afterlife by Arnold YAsin Molmailbox:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Redza/Application...2 of 412/26/2008 9:01 PM
in a giant pool of energy. So these all form different levels of worlds that are allformed out of one source. The Quantum Vacuum. We are like icecubes flaoting inwater, made out of the same substance, but are on different levels. One of the keyfactors they have found out is that time doesn't exist in this field. They 'linked' twomolecules in a lab, they split them up, but they found out it doesn't matter how far themolecules are separated, they remain 'linked', what happens to one molecule willeffect the other. And this goes with the speed of billion times the light speed. If theylet the molecule change its spin, immidiatly the other molecule will also adapt its spinas it were next to the other molecule while in reality they were miles apart.Also something they discovered through various experiments is that this field cancontain information. They found this out through resonant fields that remained afterexperiments. What they did in the lab, had a remaining effect in the field, like it'remembered' what they did during their experiments. This came about in lots of different labatories. Also neurologists started to work with them that are specialized inmemory. They think they have enough evidence that most memory is stored in theQuantum vacuum, and not your brain. It is like the field workes as a gigantic'memory'. The ripple of something that happened in the vacuum, from a movement toa thought, will cause a ripple in the field, because you use the vacuum's energy, themolecules that are used in those processes are all formed out of the field. So all that isdone with those molecules and particles will effect the vacuum. So even all yourthoughts are inprinted in the vacuum. It is like the mother-Book that is mentioned inthe Quran and other revelations. It doesn't forget, your actions and all the actions of everything made out of the field, of all the creations that ever were and are now arestored as ripples in the field. Our brain can tap into the field, it can trace our own'frequency' it seems. Experiments with mice showed, that every time they burnedaway a little part of the brain, they hoped to determine were memory lies. So theylearned the rats to follow mazes, everytime they burned a part of the brain, the micestill remembered how to walk the maze. Even after burning away 70% of the brains,the mice still knew the way, they hardly could drag themselves, their limb-functionswere minimum, but the memory remained. After a lot of these types of researches onmemory like this, and most show, that as long a little part remains, even when thelimbs can't even function properly anymore, the connection with the informationremained. So this shows the brain is far more likely to be a transmitter, a link betweenthe information, your 'frequency', then the storage of the information. This gave awhole new implacation to neurology. The field is now common knowledge in science,from higher physics to doctors, all have shown results our conceptions of the vacuumare proven true. There were some neurologists who found out some people are moresensetive for the vacuum then others, that could tap in more then just their energyripple in the vacuum. They could see other peoples memories and what people weredoing in the room next door. These were proven in multiple labs and experiments. Sothe idea started that our bodies could maybe also pick information up from the field,maybe from people already deceased. This would be really logical, as mostexperiments show, the vacuum exists and the vacuum also stores all information inripples of all that happened inside its creations, then it is highly likely sensitive peoplecould also pick up information of already deceased persons. Not only their memory,but also their bodies picking up features as birth-marks that also is stored and pickedby the cells of your bodies. So this explains why there are such detailed stories by kidsabout people living hundreds of years ago. Why they can pick up foreign languages,
The Scientific approach of the afterlife by Arnold YAsin Molmailbox:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Redza/Application...3 of 412/26/2008 9:01 PM
feel you. Why animals feel you, why pets like dogs now their boss is dead, withoutbeing there to see it, they 'feel' it. Sensetive people can pick up any informationcaused by humans, and thinking they're 'mediums' of deceased people or they'retelephatic. They're not, they're just....more sensetive. They came on this thoughtbecause in most experiments, children till the age of 8, were the most sensetive forpicking up information in the field. And most recordings of past lives came fromchildren, this is a logical link, so the hypothese is backed by scientifical confirmationsfrom other branches of sciences. This also gave explanations on prophecies by peopleson events, why people know a love-oned died the moment it happens without beingthere, why you know somebody stares at your back, why the heartbeats of people inroom after a time synchronize, why twins can sense each other across the world, whykids(who are the most sensetive with picking up info from the vacuum)can speakforeign languages without ever learning. This is because we are all linked through theQuantum vacuum and pick up information that is stored in the field. Even NASA is nowbusy with trying to see if they van use this vacuum as energy source for their rockets.It is researched for using it as a communication-device, using the 'linked' molecules assignals.This explained so many mysteries as gravity and cell-communication and so on. Theymostly call it the Quantum vacuum, Quantum foam or the Zero point Field, becausethe energy remains below 0 kelvin, while all matter stops being active at thistempature. Also one of the implications of this all, was the understanding of theemerging of the universe and how it handles information. One of the most worked outtheories, is that like i told above, all information of everything that ever happenendinside the quantumfield, will be stored, 'remembered' by the field. It sounds really likethe 'mother-book' the Quran talks about. This universe will die out one day, all energyand matter will loose all their movement, and so the universe will 'die'. One of themost basic theories is, is that 1.all will implode and form a new bigbang. 2. all will bedragged into black holes, and then will create a new bigbang on the other side of theholes. So a new bigbang is the most likely thing that will occur, but now watch, all theinformation stored by the Quantumfield still remains, that cannot be deleted. Andlabs-tests shows, matter and energy follow the 'ripples' inside the field, they frollowthe information. So this means, all energy will form new matter, just in our bigbang, itwill dispurse and seperate and follow the same speed, just like in our universe'version'. It will form stars and planets, while following this blue print, stored inside thefield. Matter will follow the 'grooves' allready made in our universe. But this alsomeans our universe will also create life again! This means humans will develope again,and will follow a growth in knowledge. You will be created again, because you are alsostill part of the blue print. Does this already starting to sound familiar with something?But here's the catch, the energy and matter, will follow the most dominate 'ripples'. Soif you have done mostly good in your life, this will be more dominate in your next''you". The acts you have done most in life, will dominate your next "you". These are just theories, but these are made without scientists ever thought of linking them to the'afterlife'. And these are becoming more and more theories that are accepted, becauseof the evidences are pilling up. So a person doing 'good' now, as his/her mostdominate act, will affect your next you in a serious matter, this same applies to doing'bad'. Somebody living 'heaven', because of his previous life doing good, somebodyliving 'hell' because of doing bad previously. The higher a society becomes, the morehigher it will get in the 'next' universe. So everything you do now, will have serious

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