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LINC Dallas

LINC Dallas

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Published by Robert Wilonsky

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Published by: Robert Wilonsky on May 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Boundary Description
 The study area is divided by the Trinity River. The eastern section is bounded by Lamar Avenueto the east, Hatcher Street to the south, the Trinity River Levee and Great Forrest to the west, andContinental Avenue to the north. The western section is bounded by the Trinity River Levee andGreat Forrest to the east, loosely by Morrell Avenue, E 11th Street, and Cedar Creek to the south,and I-35 the west.
Area Description
 The northern section o LINC Dallas incorporates the southern end o Victory, the western edgeo downtown Dallas, Cedars South, and the industrial edge o Forrest Heights beore reachingthe Trinity River and Great Forrest. Connections between these areas to one another and tothe proposed Trinity Park have been challenged by major highway and rail inrastructure,undesirable uses, and a lack o predictable and consistent street ramework. Developmentwest o the railway became possible with the building o the Levees in the late 1920’s. Todayit includes light industrial, jail and courthouse acilities, bail bond oces, gas stations, liquorstores, and assorted motel and ast-ood establishments. Today, remnants o the original TrinityRiver snake their way through undeveloped land, small metal scrap yards, and other industrialuses. The western section is conveniently connected to Downtown Dallas, The Cedars, and the resto South Dallas. The Dallas Zoo sits directly west o this area which includes the 10th StreetHistoric District, Oak Cli Cemetery, the residential area known as the Bottoms, and one o the highest ranked high schools in the nation, Townview Magnate Center. The Corinth StreetDART Station anchors an under-developed intersection at 8th Street and Corinth Street whereCedar Creek winds its way rom parts o West Oak Cli and the Dallas Zoo through white rock outcroppings beore emerging at Moore Park and the edge o the Great Trinity Forrest.
Current Plans or Area
Improvements to the IH30 and IH35 bridges, “the horseshoe”, and connections to existing ree-ways are in design with portions expected to start construction in 2013. Riverront Boulevardis slated or a reduction to six lanes plus on street parking, while the stormwater drainage inra-structure below will be replaced with a large capacity system. Currently in design, Able PumpStation will be replaced with a new station capable o moving a larger amount o storm waterat a aster rate. With the completion o the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in March 2012, the adja-cent Continental Bridge will be converted to pedestrian use, programmed with activities andex space to accommodate events throughout the year. Design has begun to extend the eastlevee south rom its current terminus urther to I-45 with possible construction at an undeter-mined point in the uture. Environmental studies are underway or a high speed north-southreliever route through Dallas with local preerred alternative that places the Trinity Parkway onthe inside o the east levee. Improvements or the Cedar Crest Bridge and gateways at eitherend are also in design.Proximity to the Trinity River, its uture improvements, and direct connections to downtownmakes the western section attractive or growth and redevelopment. However, there are anumber o neighborhood agencies, community stakeholders, and local development organiza-tions that have a vision or this area rooted in the needs and history o the community. MoorePark is undergoing construction which includes a pavilion, an overlook, an amphitheater, picnicareas, trailhead into the Great Trinity Forest and a chain o new wetlands, a connection to theSanta Fe Trestle trail, and to the standing wave. Shared community vision improvements orthe Cedar Crest Bridge and gateways at either end are currently under design.
LINC Dallas
[Leveraging & Improving Neighborhood Connections]
Total Area:
1683 acres
Total Population:
8,606 in jail population]
1.90 people/acre
include jail population]
Area AArea BArea CArea DArea EDowntownDeep EllumDesignDistrictWestDallasOak Clif CedarsVictory Park 
0’ 150’ 300’ 600’ 1,200’
Trinity River CorridorProject
Identifes locations o plannedactivity nodes and access pointsrom adjacent communities
Trinity River Corridor Project
covers approximately 23miles and 10,000 acres o the Trinity River. Components o the project include:Flood ProtectionEnvironmental RestorationRecreation TransportationCommunity/EconomicDevelopment
Current Planning Initiatives
LINC Dallas location in reerence to currentarea plans
Downtown Dallas 360
- providesstrategic, action-oriented developmentplan as blue-print or next phaseo downtown revitalization. 360cultivates a collective vision or ourdowntown’s uture and creates strategicimplementation actions
West Dallas
- a shared vision capitalizingon existing assets, neighborhoodpreservation, abundant land near theurban core, and current investment inpublic inrastructure
Trinity River Corridor Project
- A grandvision with broad support with theunderlying belie that the long rangehealth and vitality o our city is withinreach
0’ 150’ 300’ 6001,200’0’ 150’ 300’ 600’ 1,200
0’ 150’ 300’ 600’ 1,200’
Figure Ground
Helps identiy opportunities orclarifcation o the urban order
[fgure]building ootprint, graphicallyillustrates density[ground]surrounding space betweenbuildings
0’ 150’ 300’ 600’ 1,200’
LINC Dallas Area
 Transportation network and buildings
Convention CenterI 30 BridgeI 35 BridgeSouthside on Lamar Townview magnate schoolDallas Zoo
Trinity RiverCorridor Project
Area AArea BArea CArea DArea E
10th st. historic district
Dart StationMoore Park PromenadeFountain PlazaDowntown Overlook Levee Park Pecan groveOxbow LakeChain o WetlandsLamar Levee ExtensionGreat Trinity Forest
Equestrian TrailEco Restorers
Cyprus PondArival PlazaLakes Outlet ChannelAmphitheatreBoat Launch
Boundary Description
 This Area is bounded by North Lamar Avenue to the east, Cadiz Street to the South, the TrinityRiver Levee to the west, and Continental Avenue to the north.
Area Description
Riverfront is uniquely positioned between the Trinity River and Victory, the western edge of downtown Dallas, and the Cedars. Natural and inviting ways to connect these parts of the cityto one another and to the proposed Trinity Park have been challenged by major highway andrail infrastructure, and a lack of predictable and consistent urban street patterns.Development west of the West End and Reunion Districts are made up of light industrial,county jail and courthouse facilities, supportive bail bond o ces, gas stations, liquor stores,and an assortment of motel and casual eating establishments.PDs 774 and 784 cover the majority of the area, employing a form based code as an approachof future development. Additionally, the Sports Arena TIF District touches a small northernportion of the Riverfront area.
Current Plans for Area
Improvements to both the IH30 and IH35 bridges, “the horseshoe”, and connections to existingfreeways are under design and will go out to bid the later part of 2012. Riverfront Boulevardhas been approved for a reduction to six lanes plus on street parking. Together with thereconstruction of Riverfront, the aging stormwater drainage infrastructure will be replaced witha larger capacity system.Currently in the design stage, Able Pump Station will be replaced with a new station capable of moving a larger capacity of storm water at a faster rate.
Area A : Riverfront
PavedRoadwaySurfaceParkingParks andOpen SpaceBuildingFootprintUnimprovedLandUnimprovedPrivate Space
* includes a county and state jail population of 8606
Area A
377ac209ac 241ac
 Land Area Comparison
      A     r    e    a       E
      A     r    e     a        B
      A     r    e    a      C      A     r    e    a       D
land occupiedby roadsunimproveddevelopable land
vacancy vs. total areabuildings vs. roads
land occupiedby buildings
75 ac.
594 ac.
176 ac.
143 ac.
8825*Area CArea DArea E572451148Area A1216Area B
1. Continental Bridge 6. I-30 Bridge 11. Dealey Plaza 16. Dallas Convention Center2. Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge 7. Houston Viaduct 12. Old Red Museum 17. El Centro College3. County Jail and Courthouse 8. Jeerson Viaduct 13. Union Station 18. Belo Garden4. State Jail 9. I-35 Bridges 14. Hyatt Regency 19. Trinity River5. Commerce Bridge 10. Victory 15. Dallas Convention Hotel 20. Able Pump Station

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