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Madad Report No 7

Madad Report No 7

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Published by Defenderofthelands

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Published by: Defenderofthelands on Jun 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In his speech entitled: Supporting our Brothers in Dammaaj
Shaykh Ibrahim al-Rubaish: The Houthi microbe is like cancer, it is not treated except by cut-ting. Other types of medication relieve temporarily and then this microbe turns against it
Shaykh Ibrahim al-Rubaish - a member o the
committee o al Qaeda in theArabian Peninsula - said: "Verily, what happens in Dammaaj o besieging
ahl as-Sunnah
 or the second time in one year is a new episode among many o blatant deceptionand enmity. Considering that the Houthi views Dammaaj as a base among the bases o 
ahl as-Sunnah
in Sa'adah that they have to either eradicate or have under ull control. That is ater the suitable circumstances have been in avor o the Houthis to have ullcontrol over Sa'dah and to expand to other areas like al-Ju, Amraan and Hajjah withthe silence and connivance o some political parties that are counted in the streampublic view to be rom
ahl as-Sunnah
."He then added in his speech released by al-Malahem:"I call upon all my brothersamong
ahl as-Sunnah
wherever they are to help their brothers with whatever they canbecause Allah says: 
{And if they seek help of you for the religion, then you must help} [8:72] 
 This is indeed among the situations where jihad becomes an individual obligation upon every capable Muslim because driving away theassaulting enemy is o the most obligated deeds... and helping the oppressed Muslims is among the obligations which turning back on is com-mitting sin. Deserting them is a huge sin; and the one who commits it, is threatened with punishment in this world and the hereater. Whoeverdeserts his Muslim brothers in these critical situations is threatened to undergo the same experience as an appropriate recompense."He emphasized: "The tribes o 
ahl as-Sunnah
weren't in such state o weakness or humiliation that enabled the Houthis to harm them,but they only reached to this bitter reality when their word is divided and are away rom their source o glory and victory (Jihad)... and Ihave seen in the sons o 
ahl as-Sunnah
o bravery, sacrice and courage that which none can stand against –by the grace o Allah- andwhat happened to the Houthis - at the hands o 
ahl as-Sunnah
- because o their actions is ull o lessons and indications."It's worth mentioning that the assaults made by the Houthis against
ahl as-Sunnah
has increased signicantly ater signing a trucewith Ali Saleh in the course o the sixth war. The Houthis have also taken total control o Sa'adah during the youth's uprising and evenexpanded their territories to dierent regions such as al-Ju, Amraan and Hajjah. The recent assault the Houthis carried out was besiegingDammaaj and bombarding it with artilleries which caused the killing and injuring o many among the ranks o 
ahl as-Sunnah.
 The mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula have previously declared an open war on the Houthis in reaction to their crimes. This declara-tion was ollowed by a number o operations carried out by martyrdom operation executors which led to the death o hundreds o theHouthis in both Sa'adah and al-Ju. The operations were as ollows:
The frst martyrdom operation:
executed by Basheer al-Khushiny - may Allah have mercy on him- as he immersed by his booby-trappedcar into the Houthis' gathering, something which they call al-Ghadeer celebration that took place in al-Ju on 18th Dhul-Hijjah 1431a. h. .As a result o this operation, Badru-Diin al-Houthi - the spiritual leader o the Houthis - was killed together with 37 o his ollowers whilemany were let injured.
The second martyrdom operation:
executed by Amin al-Uthmany - may Allah have mercy on him- during the Houthis uneral rituals o Badru-Diin al-Houthi on 20th Dhul-Hijjah1431 a. h. . Amin immersed using his booby-trapped car into a large gathering o the Houthisraising up the death scale to 142 o the Houthis and injuring many o them.
The third martyrdom operation:
executed by abu-Bakr al-Houty - may Allah have mercy on him- as he detonated a booby-trapped car inthe midst o a group o Houthis known as "The death squad" which was concentrated in al-Ju. The Death squad was the reason behindthe killing o many o 
ahl as-Sunnah
in al-Ju during the conrontations that occurred between some tribes o 
ahl as-Sunnah
and theHouthi ater the outbreak o the youth's uprising in Sana'a. The operation let behind hundreds o deaths and injuries.
Published by Madad News Agency
Report no.7 Muharram 1432 A.H | December 2011 A.D
News Report
Honorable Shaykh: Ibrahim al-Rubaish
(May Allah protect him)
Basheer al-Khushiny
(may Allah have mercy on him)
Amin al-Uthmany
(may Allah have mercy on him)
Abu-Bakr al-Houty
(may Allah have mercy on him)

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