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Digital Control Engineering Model Question Paper

Digital Control Engineering Model Question Paper

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Published by: Cyril Robinson Azariah J on Jun 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SET I1.What is meant by frequency domain analysis? Mention any four of its specifications.2.What is meant by compensator? List out the different continuous time compensators.3.Define sampling theorem. Why is proper selection of sampling important?
What is a sample and hold? What is the need for hold circuit? Draw a practical S/H circuit.
Obtain Z-transform of (i) Unit Step Sequence and (ii) a
.6.What are the advantages of (i) Companion Form of the State Model and (ii) JordanCanonical Model?7.Write the equation of discrete differentiator and discrete integrator.8.What are Z-plane specifications?9.How is data acquisition system selected for digital controller implementation?10.For control applications, which one do you prefer between microprocessor andmicrocontroller and why?SET II1.What is a dominant pole?2.Define ramp error constant.3.Define aliasing.
A signal is passed through a device whose input – output relation is given by y(t)=x
(t), wherex(t)=sin200πt+sin200πt. What is the minimum sampling frequency to get the sampled signal?5.Draw a general difference model and its equation.6.When is a system said to be marginally stable?7.What is frequency warping?
What is the basic difference between analog and digital controllers?9.List all the finite word length effect and define truncation.
10.What is meant by velocity PID algorithm?1 a. State the frequency and time domain specification and discuss hpw they areCorrelated with each other. b. Draw electrical equivalent of phase lead and phase lag compensator n/w along with their frequency domain characteristics and state where they needed.(Or )2. For the given RLC network in Fig.1 derive the continuous time state variable modal. Drawthe state diagram and derive the transfer function of the system.3 a. Write the note on folding and aliasing. b. Derive the transfer function of the first order hold circuit.(Or)4. Explain in detail the practical aspect of the choice of sampling rate.5.For the digital system represented by the following pulse transfer function derive anexpression represent it in observable canonical form b. obtain the closed loop pulse transfer function of the following system.or 6. Find a state variable model for the given transfer function in three different realizations.
7.for the digital control system shown below design a digital controller in Z plane such that thedominate closed –loop poles have a damping ratio ζ of 0.5 and a setting time of 2 sec. thesampling period is assumed to be 0.2 sec.or 8. Realize the digital controller with transfer function modelUsing recursive and non-recursive method.9. Explain in detail the digital temperature control system.
(i) Give the software implementation of algorithmic development of PID control algorithm.(8)(ii) Write short notes on:a.Finite Word Length Effect(3) b.Reset Windup(2)c.Choice of data acquisition system(3)SET II
(a) (i) Draw the typical unit step response of a digital control system and explain.(ii) Explain the specifications of control system in terms of frequency response futures.(b) (i) Explain the Lead Compensation with Bode-plot.

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