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Zimmerman Jail Call 3 4/16

Zimmerman Jail Call 3 4/16

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Published by Trymaine Lee

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Published by: Trymaine Lee on Jun 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 12SA022031TR41 W:\\WPTRANS\jac1 Page 1 of 8
JAIL CALL 18577118 Total time on tape 00:16:31
Information from recording: Date: 2012/4/16, Time: 13:34:31, dialed number (Recorded calling directions)RECORDING: Hello, you have a prepaid call from (beep) This call will be recorded and subjectto monitoring at any time. Thank you for using Inmate Calling Solutions. You maybegin speaking now.ZIMMERMAN: Hello?SHELLIE: HoneyZIMMERMAN: YeahSHELLIE: Are you there?ZIMMERMAN: YeahSHELLIE: Can I put you on speaker phone?ZIMMERMAN: Yes please but remember, no, no personal information.SHELLIE: Okay, okay, all right, hold on, I’m putting him on speaker phone but we’re notgonna say the name of the institution or your name or any personal information,recorded. Okay you’re on speaker phone.ZIMMERMAN: Hello?SHELLIE: OkayZIMMERMAN: Hello?SHELLIE: We need to figure out um, how to reset his password, so that I can log into hisaccount for himCU OFFICIAL: (inaudible) logged inSHELLIE: I have everything. Because he was in a different location than me, so I startedusing a different computer. And it would ask you the security question.CU OFFICIAL: Um. Are you there?ZIMMERMAN: Yes I amCU OFFICIAL: Okay. Is it okay to re, to reset to your um, last four of your Social?ZIMMERMAN:CU OFFICIAL: Okay. Um cancelling the enrollment
 12SA022031TR41 W:\\WPTRANS\jac1 Page 2 of 8
ZIMMERMAN: What’s that?CU OFFICIAL: Set it up with so you have to go in and re-do the whole thing.SHELLIE: Are they still going to do um, his, security questions? Is there any way that youcould take that off of there?CU OFFICIAL: That’s why I’m cancelling the whole thing.SHELLIE: (inaudible background conversation) so set it up. Is it still gonna be hisuser name though?CU OFFICIAL: It’s doesn’t have a user name.SHELLIE: Okay. (inaudible) Okay.ZIMMERMAN: Can, can you go to a computer in the lobby and have her look over your shoulder while you do it?SHELLIE: Can I go into the lobby and have you look over my shoulder while I do it? Okay.So we don’t do anything wrong. Okay?ZIMMERMAN: And you need to reset it to your email address. Shellie?SHELLIE: OkayZIMMERMAN: And all the questions, look for something you’ll remember for sure and write themdown please.SHELLIE: Okay. Okay. Okay. What else?ZIMMERMAN: That’s it, as long as it will give you access, that’s what we need to do.SHELLIE: Okay, as long as it will give me access that’s all we need to do. Okay, we’regood then, right?ZIMMERMAN: What about Susie opening up an account?SHELLIE: What about Susie?ZIMMERMAN: Yeah, opening up an account.SHELLIE: Okay, um, we need her to open up an account here. (inaudible backgroundconversation) Okay, hold on. (inaudible) okay honey, we’re gonna go into thelobby and do this now. Okay?ZIMMERMAN: Okay, I’ll stay on the line with you.SHELLIE: Yeah, stay on the line, and actually I’m gonna have you go on the phone withSusie.ZIMMERMAN: OkaySHELLIE: Okay, hold on.SUSIE: Hello honey
 12SA022031TR41 W:\\WPTRANS\jac1 Page 3 of 8
ZIMMERMAN: Hey sis. Is she gonna be able to help you?SUSIE: What’d you say?ZIMMERMAN: Is she gonna be able to help you?SUSIE: YeahZIMMERMAN: Oh good.SUSIE: We’re just, getting ready to do a test run.ZIMMERMAN: Okay, good. Please write down everything this.SUSIE: Uh huh, definitelyZIMMERMAN: Don’t rely on her to write it down.SUSIE: Yeah we will. Okay, um, is this it right here? Yeah that’s it. It’s a number,member number start with a two and ending with a nine?ZIMMERMAN: YeahSUSIE: Yeah, that’s not the pass, that’s what I gave you, oh okay, okay. (inaudiblebackground conversation) type, type in um, what-what using, like that would befor you.SHELLIE: Really?SUSIE: Yeah, (inaudible) yeah. I know that’s what it’s asking, that what she said it woulddo.SHELLIE: Oh really?SUSIE: Uh huh (inaudible) (inaudible due to whispering?)ZIMMERMAN: What’s going on sis?SUSIE: (inaudible background conversation) I’m sorry, it’s not, it’s like it, um declining it,okay, okay, it’s working. Oh good. (inaudible) honey?ZIMMERMAN: Is she going to change everything there?SUSIE: Uh huhZIMMERMAN: Please make theSUSIE: Uh huhZIMMERMAN: Please make the change to the password the question and the email that it goesto.SUSIE: Yeah, that’s what she, the password has already been changed and then um,and then she’s, resetting all the questions right now.ZIMMERMAN: And the email, and the email that it goes to.

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