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Published by LollipopLouise

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Published by: LollipopLouise on Jun 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chernobyl is a small town located on the river Pripyat. The trivial city of Chernobyl isknown for its nuclear power plant and the 1986 misfortune, which come to be the most dreadfulnuclear accident in the world's history. The Chernobyl tragedy occurred on April 26, 1986, when
a powerful eruption demolished the 4th power block of the nuclear power plant. “The Chernobyl
incident was the reason for the most terrible radiation emission in world's history. This causedserious social and economic problems for the population of the former Soviet republics of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Nowadays it is counted that 70% of the radioactive fallout fromChernobyl disaster landed in Belarus, affecting approximately 3,500 towns and villages, andabout
2.5 million people.”
(2010)I do consider this a moral matter. There were thousands of people that lost their lives orbecame ill from this disaster, because the government did not want to tell certain people aboutwhat was going on. I have read stories about people that would not had known to evacuate if ithad not been for close friends or neighbors. The fact that the governments judge you by youreconomic status is outrageous. There are people that have got brain tumors and other illnessesfrom not being told to evacuate. When you have incidents like these, you have to think aboutwhom this is going to effect and who do we need to make aware of the situation. It blows mymind that the governments in Europe were bad people like that. This happened in 1986, I couldsee if it had been over 100 years ago, but this just happened 26 years ago. I was a little over oneyear old. The things that people do when they have power just blow my mind.I am very thankful that my town does not have to worry about this happing to us anytimesoon, but we do need to take action now and let or president know that we do not want newnuclear plants, or make them safe. On one hand the nuclear plants are safe if they are handledcorrectly. Why this incident happened is beyond me and others, but we had nuclear plants foryears before this incident happened and there are places they depend solely on nuclear plants fortheir electricity. Japan is one of the places that depend on the nuclear plants to provide theirelectricity. How do you choose what is right in a situation like this?
What was the government thinking when this horrible incident happened? Why weren’t
more people warned about what was going on? When the 25
anniversary of Chernobyl camethe President Dmitry Medvedev said at a ceremony being held in remembrance
“In the face of 
such disasters, we should be honest
it is the government’s obligation to tell people the truth.
We need to admit that back then, the government was not alw
ays doing the right thing.”
(Aut)The town that was once the perfect socialist city, was now a dead town.

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