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Zombie Hero RPG

Zombie Hero RPG



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Published by Billi_Butcherson
Play as a "good Zombie", in any environment you can imagine. Can be integrated with any RPG rules of your choice, or used alone. Inspired by Billy Butcherson, the "good Zombie" from Disney's Hocus Pocus, and on my Earth Angels RPG on my messageboard: http://hpbillybutcherson.forumotion.net/forum.htm
Play as a "good Zombie", in any environment you can imagine. Can be integrated with any RPG rules of your choice, or used alone. Inspired by Billy Butcherson, the "good Zombie" from Disney's Hocus Pocus, and on my Earth Angels RPG on my messageboard: http://hpbillybutcherson.forumotion.net/forum.htm

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Published by: Billi_Butcherson on Jan 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Zombie Hero
Zombie Hero is inspired by the character of Billy Butcherson (Doug Jones) from the1993 Disney movie,
 Hocus Pocus
. It is based on my “Earth Angels” role-playing forumon my messageboard, Hocus Pocus, Billy Butcherson:http://hpbillybutcherson.forumotion.net/forum.htm,except there are no Guardian Spiritsor Protected One{s}. It is just the Zombie.
This is your character. He or she is a dead body, brought back to life by somemeans. He or she is intelligent and has a free will. The Zombie comes from all walks of life. Example: Billy Butcherson
Zombie vs. zombie
As you may have noticed, I've been using "Zombie", instead of "zombie" whendescribing Billy, and those like him. You've probably wondered why I capitalized the "Z"in "Zombie".Billy is not your average movie/video game/RPG zombie. He's intelligent, peaceful(although he
fight if necessary), and has no intention of eating anyone's brains or flesh (which he would probably find very disgusting). I treat Zombies like Billy like arace (hence, the capital “Z”), meaning that there might me more of them.When referring to Billy, or any Zombie like him, please use the capital "Z". Any other kind of zombie can be referenced as normal, with "zombie".
Hit Points:
This is how much damage your Zombie can take before being taken out of action. After 15 minutes, all damage is completely healed, and your Zombie is back inthe game. To get the Zombie’s Hit Points, add his Strength, Dexterity, and Staminatogether.
Attributes: Roll 2d6 for each attribute.Strength:
How strong your character is.
How intelligent your character is.
How agile and nimble your character is.
Helps determine how much damage your character can take.
Your character’s personality. A Zombie needs all he or she can get.
Each Zombie has a measure of whatever power that brought him or her back tolife. Only if the Zombie has a high level of Magic (10-12) can he or she use magicalspells.
Zombie Powers and Weaknesses
All Zombies have the following Abilities/Powers and Weaknesses, regardless of who theZombie is, and where s/he comes from:
Regeneration: Wounds heal instantly unless an object is embedded in the wound. Thewound will heal normally if the object is removed. The more serious the wound, thelonger it will take to heal. No healing will take more than 15 minutes. All decompositionstops, and may even reverse itself to a small extent. Note: A Zombie's vocal cords and muscles will take longer to heal after resurrection (upto a week). Until then, the Zombie's voice will be gravelly and their movements jerky andstiff. After a week, both the voice and the movements will be up to normal human levels.Superhuman traits: Zombies are stronger, faster, and eventually, more nimble than your average human. Add +2 to Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina.Low Pain Level: Zombies have a low pain level, and even agonizing pain is barely feltand can be ignored. It can, however, be annoying if the Zombie is concentrating on atask.Warm skin: Unlike most undead, a Zombie's skin is warm to the touch, not cold. Thiscalled, "The Warmth of the Soul", and is an indication that there's a "good soul" withinthe Zombie's body.Retains Memories/Old Skills: The memories, knowledges, and skills that the Zombie hadin life is retained in his/her unlife, and can be used even if it is thousands of years between the Zombie's death, and his/her "awakening". These should be listed accordingto character type. (i.e., Pirate, Cook, Soldier, etc.)
Modern Life Knowledge: Unless your Zombie was only recently deceased, he or she willnot know much about the "modern world". In time, however, the Zombie will learn.Adding "Modern Life Knowledge" to the Zombie's skills will represent this newknowledge. This includes modes of speech.Frightening Appearance: Even relatively beautiful/handsome Zombies will still have the pale skin (shrunken tightly to the bones), sunken eyes, and soiled and torn clothing of thegrave. This will give anyone seeing the Zombie a sense of fear.
Skills can be anything that a person can learn. Most are related to the Zombie’s former occupation. The Zombie can also learn “modern” skills, as well. However, the Zombiewill
start with any modern skills. All skills add +1 to any task, depending on whatAttribute is used.
Other Powers:
Some Zombies can have powers on top of the ones that all Zombies have. Clear any new powers with the Game Master before you give them to your character. Some powers canupset a campaign. And be ready to explain how your character received the powers. Roll2d6 for each power. This works the same way as the Attributes.
Magic is a special power. As stated earlier, only characters with a 10 or more in theMagic Attribute can use Magic. With Magic, a character has access to
 powers. But assuch, it is very powerful. To offset this potential unbalance in the game, a character mayonly start with a number of spells equal to the character’s Smarts score. The player mayadd one spell per level he/she attains. All spells use the Magic Attribute for determiningresults.
Each Zombie starts with the clothes he or she were buried in (time of death and burial, aswell as financial and social status will determine style), as well as in “grave goods” he or she may have been buried with (especially true of Zombies from tribal societies, or veryearly civilizations, such as ancient Egypt or Greece). This will be all the Zombie startswith, so choose carefully. The Zombie may, however, acquire other items and equipmentthroughout the course of a game, including a base of operations.
If Zombies are armed with any kind of weapon, it will be one that the Zombie is familiar with. A pirate Zombie may wield a cutlass, a flintlock pistol, a dagger, and maybe even ahook hand. A cook Zombie might have a meat cleaver or some kitchen knife, while asoldier will use swords, axes, spears, guns, etc., depending on historical era.Here is a small list of basic weapons. If the weapon you want is not listed, try to match itto the closest on the list. Game Masters may expand this list, if they so wish. To get aroll of 1d3, roll 1d6 and divide by 2. Range is in feet.Weapon Damage Range (short/medium/long) Ammunition Cost (in dollars $)Club 1d3 none none freeKnife 1d3 10/20/30 none 1 - 10Sword 1d6 none none 15 - 100Axe 1d6 none none 15 - 100Spear 1d6 10/20/30 none 3 15BowShort 1d6 10/20/30 1 5-10Long 1d6+2 20/40/60 1 5-15Composite 1d6+4 40/80/120 1 15-25CrossbowHand 1d6 10/20/30 1 5-10Light 1d6+2 20/40/60 1 15-25Heavy 2d6 4080/120 1 50-100Flintlock Pistol 1d6 20/30/60 1 5-500Rifle 1d6+2 30/40/70 1 10 -1000Modern GunPistol 1d6 +3 40/60/120 6-12 5 - 500

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