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BYW Executive Summary

BYW Executive Summary

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Published by: José Eduardo Valenzuela on Jun 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Boston Youth WrestlingExecutive Summary (FY 2012)
Prepared by: José Valenzuela, Executive DirectorMarch 4, 2012Revised: May 19, 2012
Boston Youth Wrestling
PO Box 300264 Boston, MA 02130
(617) 297-8079
 Table of Contents
Supporting the future of youth wrestling in Boston
6Program Schedule 2012
7Contact Information
Boston Youth Wrestling | Executive Summary and Plan FY 2012
Executive Summary 
 The purpose of this report is to explain the need for expanded youth wrestling opportunities in the City of Boston, as partof a greater need for overall development of our city’s youth towards improved academic skills, greater self-esteem,improved health and nutrition, and the kind of goal-setting that leads to college preparedness and a successful career.
Founded in January 2012, the mission of Boston Youth Wrestling is to promote youth development in inner-city Bostonby inspiring personal, academic, and athletic success through the sport of wrestling. Our work will include: direct supportof youth wrestling teams in coaches in middle schools and high schools throughout the City of Boston; off-seasonwrestling clinics during the Spring, Summer and Fall; training and support of coaches to expand the number of wrestlingprograms in the Boston Public Schools; a training facility centrally located in Boston for wrestlers to train year-round, andto receive academic and college support; mentorship opportunities for at-risk youth; scholarships for wrestlers enteringtwo and four-year universities and colleges.
Why wrestling?
 The purpose of youth sports is to provide experiences for future life activities by introducing the concepts and skills of amyriad of sports available in the United States, and wrestling, the oldest sport, is no different. Young people are attractedto wrestling because they have been “practicing” the skills of the sport from an early age. Our most at-risk youth (11-15years old, especially) find wrestling engaging and fun, at a time in their lives when they begin to disengage from school.Keeping these kids engaged in these activities eventually lead these students to understand the benefits the sport bringsoff the mat, as well. The skills learned in wrestling are easily transferrable to the classroom, and college-preparedness is amajor focus of the sport, and not pipeline dreams, like professional sports. Young people are ready for moreprogrammatic interventions in Boston, and wrestling provides a tremendous opportunity for our city’s youth.Parents are attracted to wrestling because it is one of the safest sports – with fewer serious injuries than football,basketball or soccer. Thanks to the use of thick, foam rubber mats, a sole referee for every two wrestlers duringcompetition (to ensure safety), and rules that are written with the safety of wrestlers in mind (no punching, body slams, orother dangerous, illegal moves), over 95% of injuries are limited to minor muscle pulls. Parents are equally attracted tothe sports egalitarian qualities – wrestling is truly a “sport for all.” Sons and daughters are given an equal opportunity toparticipate, regardless of size or shape – all competitors are matched up based on weight, and often times at the youth-level, based on experience and ability, as well. Parents can take pride in the success that their children enjoy.Boston Youth Wrestling | Executive Summary and Plan FY 2012

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