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Crime Fiction- Hausarbeit

Crime Fiction- Hausarbeit

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Published by Matthias Busch

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Published by: Matthias Busch on Jul 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.The entertainment factor aside, we should read literary texts from before 1900 to expand our understanding of present day literature. It can help us re-evaluate our own view on reality and put certain things into perspective as well as give us an idea of the time it was written in.Furthermore, it is imperative in order to spot and comprehend intertextual connections whichmay represent encoded information the access to which we would be denied without knowledgeof texts written in post-modern times.2.The first collected edition of Shakespeare's works that is considered reliable was produced byJohn Heminges and Henry Condell in 1623 and is commonly referred to as "the FirstFolio" (although the original title had been
"Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories. &Tragedies" 
).3.What Eliot particularly liked about metaphysical poetry was the depiction of experiences as psychological as well as sensual, and the way in which metaphysical poets - in his opinion -composed their texts with wit and in an unique manner.4.The central theme - in terms of content - is the well-known biblical story of Adam and Eve. Asfor the primary metaphorical theme, there is no simple answer.
 Paradise Lost 
has beeninterpreted in several different way, critics having spotted connections to subjects as diverse asmarriage, idolatry and other sins, the justification of God's ways to man, redemption andvolition, to name but a few.5.It has been postulated that, among others, spiritual autobiography, travel writing and - quiteobviously - diary keeping as a genre of literature have had a noticeable influence on the makingof 
 Robinson Crusoe
, with the former being considered the most important one.6.
Tom Jones
may be called a "scepticist" novel in that throughout the entire plot, characters actand react in the way they do due to believes or assumptions that later turn out to have beenuntrue. Even the reader is misled and forms their opinion based on what appears to be set as a premise in the very beginning, namely Tom's being the son of Jenny Jones rather than BridgetAllworthy. All of this could serve as a means to illustrate the central postulate of philosophicalscepticism which is the near impossibility of obtaining knowledge or truth since all reasoning
MAP 5 Matthias Busch - Matrikelnr.: 521414
must ultimately be based on assumptions that in turn could be untrue. In contrast Fielding'scharacters are all to willing to believe what they are told - a truly "unsceptical" approach.7.Personally, I would only partly agree with Wordsworth's thesis, namely when speaking of poetrythat is meant to express emotions. In my opinion, a philosophical poem (to name one example)does usually not require feelings while being written, nor does it strive to express them or invoke them in the reader. In contrast, other types of poetry (e.g. romantic poems) will likelyaim at doing both, and I would argue that in order to capture and convey what poets like to call"true feelings", one has to be powerfully affected by them while composing a piece, lest theresult be a mere hollow construction that, while possibly technically flawless, would lack actualmeaning or a "soul", if you will.8.The eponymous protagonist of Austen's novel
represents a mixture of whatWollstonecraft and Enlightenment feminism both criticise and demand, namely education not being put to use (although Emma's education appears to be much better than whatWollstonecraft wrote women normally received at that time) and women having their ownagency respectively. Emma decides for herself and does not see marriage as the ultimate goal inlife. Quite the contrary. In her own way, she is an independent, intelligent woman and couldhave served as a role model and example of what feminist demanded were it not for her confining herself and her intellectual capacities to matchmaking and other activitiesWollstonecraft would likely have considered insignificant and sadly typical for what women of her time were expected to be doing.9.James Joyce used the word epiphany to describe a sudden feeling of something falling into place, like a puzzle piece, a deep realisation (be it philosophical in nature or furthering theunderstanding of a person or thing) that may or may not have been triggered by somethingapparently insignificant. He is often credited as having contributed greatly to the popularity of this non-secular meaning of the term.10.Two structuring principles of Woolf's
 Mrs Dalloway
would be London (especially Regent'sPark) for one, and the intellectualism-intuition opposition for another.
MAP 5 Matthias Busch - Matrikelnr.: 521414

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