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Designing Analog Chips 2005 03

Designing Analog Chips 2005 03

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Published by Neetha Prafa

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Published by: Neetha Prafa on Jul 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright 2004, 2005 Hans Camenzind.February 2005This book is can be downloaded without fee fromwww.designinganalogchips.comRe-publishing of any part or the whole is prohibited.
The author is indebted to the following for comments, suggestions and corrections:Bob Pease, Jim Feit, Ted Bee, Jon Fischer, Tim Camenzind, Jules Jelinek, BrianAttwood, Ray Futrell, Beat Seeholzer, David Skurnik, Barry Schwartz, Dale Rebgetz,Tim Herklots, Jerry Gray, Paul Chic, Mark Leonard, Yut Chow, Gregory Weselak, LarsJespersen and Wolfgang Horn.
Camenzind: Designing Analog Chips Table of Contents
Edition February 2005 All rights reserved
Table of Contents
Analog World
1-1Semiconductors 1-1The Diode 1-5The Bipolar Transistor 1-6The Integrated Circuit 1-13Integrated NPN Transistors 1-14The Case of the Lateral PNP Transistor 1-22CMOS Transistors 1-23The Substrate PNP Transistor 1-27Diodes 1-27Zener Diodes 1-28Resistors 1-29Capacitors 1-32Other Processes 1-33CMOS vs. Bipolar 1-342
2-1What You Can Simulate 2-2DC Analysis 2-2AC Analysis 2-3Transient Analysis 2-4The Big Question of Variations 2-6Models 2-8The Diode Model 2-8The Bipolar Transistor Model 2-10The Model for the Lateral PNP Transistor 2-13MOS Transistor Models 2-14Resistor Models 2-16Models for Capacitors 2-17Pads and Pins 2-17Just How Accurate is a Model? 2-183
Current Mirrors
The Royal Differential Pair
4-15 Current Sources 5-1Bipolar 5-1CMOS 5-7The Ideal Current Source 5-76
Time Out: Analog Measures
6-1dB 6-1RMS 6-2Noise 6-4Fourier Analysis, Distortion 6-6Frequency Compensation 6-97
Bandgap References
7-1Low-Voltage Bandgap References 7-11

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