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Final 11-120 Cisco It Essential

Final 11-120 Cisco It Essential

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Published by Qiqi Marquis

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Published by: Qiqi Marquis on Jul 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Final Exam 11-16 - IT Essentials 4.1 2011
A network administrator has been informed about a problem with the networkprinter. What is the most reliable way to prevent print jobs from being added tothe queue while the printer is being repaired?
 – Stop the print spooler.
For a default installation of Windows XP Professional, which two settings arecustomizable? (Choose two.)
 – regional settings
 – network settings
Several messages sent to the network administrator are reporting that access toa secure server using HTTPS is failing. After checking recent updates to thecompany firewall, the administrator learns that the firewall is blocking HTTPS.Which port should be opened to solve the problem?
 – 443
A computer has been relocated and all the cables reconnected. When thecomputer is powered on, the correct POST audio signals are heard and thehard drive LED shows disk activity. However, the monitor fails to displayanything. What are two possible causes of this problem? (Choose two.)
 – The monitor cable connector is loose or disconnected because the retainingscrews are missing.
 – The monitor is connected to the integrated video adapter on the motherboardinstead of the expansion slot adapter.
Which Windows hard drive partition is referred to as the C: drive?
 – the first primary partition
A technician is trying to explain USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 to a user in terms ofspeed. The user is having problems comparing the two standards based on thevalues expressed in Mbps. Which explanation can the technician use that will
best describe the relationship?
 – USB 2.0 is one hundred times as fast as USB 1.1.
Which feature is characteristic of the ntbackup command?
 – It is used create restore points.
Which safety precaution should an installer take when installing cable in theceiling of a building?
 – Wear safety glasses in case of encountering toxic materials during theinstallation.
Engineers are designing a security scheme to allow only authorized persons toaccess the facilities of a national bank. Which security control measure providesthe most secure solution for employee identification?
 – biometric devices
Which Startup type must be selected for a service that should run each time thecomputer is booted?
 – automatic
What are two problems that are caused by setting an incorrect boot order in thesystem BIOS? (Choose two.)
 – The computer displays an “Invalid Boot Disk” error after POST.
 – The computer displays an “Inaccessible Boot Device” error after POST
Refer to the exhibit. The IT department requested a new set of memory chips toupgrade the old laptops. A picture of the memory chip required is attached tothe purchase order so the correct item can be bought.
Which type of memory module is the IT department expecting to receive?
Which recommendation should be observed when replacing existing memory?
 – The new memory should be as fast or faster than existing memory.
Refer to the exhibit. Which utility has the IT department started on eachcomputer?
 – Defragment
A Windows Vista computer does not display the thumbnail views of twowindows that are currently minimized in the taskbar when the mouse pointer isplaced over the appropriate tile on the taskbar. What is a possible solution tothis problem?
 – Start the Vista Aero enhanced display features by launching services.msc.
The corporate security policy states that all remote connections use only securetunnels for transport of data. Which encryption technique secures data travelingacross the public Internet as if it were traveling across the corporate LAN?
 – VPN
When upgrading a CPU what must be applied between the new CPU and theheat sink/fan?
 – thermal compound
Which three ports should be left open to avoid filtering e-mail traffic? (Choosethree.)
 – 25
 – 110
 – 143
A company has a preventive maintenance policy that requires every computer

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