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Dallas Executive Airport Air Show RFP

Dallas Executive Airport Air Show RFP

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Published by Robert Wilonsky

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Published by: Robert Wilonsky on Jul 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Request for Proposal : BP1225 Dallas Air Show
Section I. Introduction
The City of Dallas is requesting written proposals from interested firm to provide Air-show Coordination Services for the Dallas Executive Airport of Dallas, Texas hereinafter referred to as Executive Airport. The services provided shall include Air Boss,ground operations, event website, and announcer services, in accordance with thespecifications identified in the following items. Successful provider must be able toprovide all services listed below within the confines of their Company. Partial proposalsand proposals utilizing subcontractors (less performers and sound system) will not beaccepted.
The City of Dallas intends to issue a
firm fixed price contract for thefollowing line items:1) Airshow Management consisting of General Oversight of the Event,preparation of the Event Project Plan (including any checklists, due dates,milestones, etc.), Review and Management of subcontractors (performers,sound system, announcers, etc.), and development of event organizationalchart with job title descriptions and responsibilities.2) Airshow/Aerial Event Design consisting of solicitation and review of performercontracts, coordination/submittal/approval of applicable forms for militaryaerial support, requesting of and coordination with military and/or civilianaircraft teams/owners for aerial demonstrations, flybys, and static displays,and to-scale venue mapping for flightline and ramp operations includingspectator areas.3) Aerial Event Operations consisting of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)Waiver and Letter of Authorization Preparation/Submittal/Approval,coordination of NOTAMs/Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR), Local andRegional Airspace deconfliction coordination, and coordination with airportmanagement/FAA/local Flight Standards District Office (FSDO)/local AirTraffic Control Tower. Aerial Event Operations also includes providing ofcompany payrolled (not subcontracted) of an Airboss, Ground Boss, GroundSupport Personnel/Marshallers, and Announcer.4) Ground Operations consisting of coordination of Ground Support Equipmentas needed for supporting attending aircraft for the event, coordination withAirport Management/CFR(Crash Fire Rescue)/Security Personnel/AirportFBOs (Fixed Base Operators), marshalling/parking of attending aircraft, andcoordination with local airport management for notification to airport tenants.Ground Operations personnel shall be employees (not volunteers) of thecontracted company.5) Airshow Marketing Support consisting of development and maintenance ofthe event website.
Request for Proposal : BP1225 Dallas Air ShowThese items are in support of a 1 day air show for the Executive Airport Air Showscheduled for May 2013.The following specifications are to support and shall be provided:
TASK 1: Airshow Coordination Services
.Including but not limited to, coordination and review of all civilian performer andmilitary performance contracts, coordination of all Department of Defense (DOD)support manual forms to and from the military parachute teams, military jetteams, single ship tactical demos, etc.Qualifying company shall meet or surpass the following requirements:
Company shall coordinate with City Engineering and/or AirportManagement for the generation and update of computer drawings (CAD)of all AOA areas including, but not limited to: display aircraft, tents,emergency access lanes, fence lines, and support areas as well asaerobatic box dimensions and markers. Submittal of drawings shall be inAdobe PDF format. Company shall have the ability to update drawingswithin 48 hours of submittal from Air-show Committee to Company.Subcontracting of this service is not allowed.
Company shall provide a master list of all participating aircraft (performerand static display) that includes all lodging, fuels, oils, transportation,hangar, and logistical requirements. Company shall have the ability toupdate listing within 24 hours of submittal from Airshow Committee toCompany.
Company shall provide Master Project Plan for execution of eventdetailing specific tasks required for safe and successful execution of theevent. Plan shall include Organizational Chart for coordination of taskassignments.
Company shall develop and maintain official public internet website for theevent. Website shall be produced for public knowledge of the event andinclude event information, schedule, security warnings, aircraft displaylistings, performer bios, local lodging list, aircraft arrival information, andairshow site contact information for media, vendors, etc. Servicesprovider must have the capability to update the website within 24 hours ofnotification of changes. Subcontracting of this service is not allowed.
Provide Airshow Consultation Services for Vendors, Security, and Traffic.Services shall also include for Budgetary Analysis of event costs.Company shall coordinate with Airport Management/Staff, FBO, andAirport Security for execution of the event.
Request for Proposal : BP1225 Dallas Air Show
Company shall pay for all Airshow Performers via pass through paymentfrom City of Dallas. Any overage of costs associated with the appearancefees of the performers will be borne by the Company once contracts aresigned between the City of Dallas and the subject performers. Fuel andoils, etc. shall be provided by and at the expense of the City of Dallas,Dallas Executive Airport.
Company shall provide consultation services for the Event Date Selectionand Rain Date.
Company shall provide on-line aircrew registration capability for civilianand military aircrews for this event.
Company staff must be capable of Security Identification Display Area(SIDA) certification for work around Transportation Security Administration(TSA)/Commercial ramps with past experience with SIDA within the past 2years.
Create, submit, gain approval, and maintain that approval from all servicesvia DOD DD2535 Military Aerial Support Paperwork and Canadian ArmedForces 1 CAD Aerial Support Paperwork. Provide a checklist of DOD/FAApaperwork no later than 90 days prior to event. Company shall solicit forand gain military aviation support for static display, flybys, and/ordemonstrations for the event.
Company shall provide as part of their contract payrolled personnel (NOTVOLUNTEERS NOR SUBCONTRACTORS) for the following services:
TASK 2: Professional Airboss Services.
 Including but not limited to, Air Boss to review all attending aircraft as tocapability and compatibility; focusing on safety, prepare flying sequenceschedules, coordinate accident/incident procedures with airfield management,crash fire and rescue crews, DFW Approach/tower, Dallas Executive AirportTower, and FAA/DOD. Airboss shall also provide to airfield management theappropriate FAA NOTAMS, TFR requirements and conduct detailed safety andflight sequence briefings prior to each airshow wavered period. Briefings shall beconducted via MS-Powerpoint Presentations. Airboss shall control all flyingactivities during the NOTAM/TFR closure times and waiver times. The Airboss
shall also apply for and be listed as the “Responsible Person” for the FAA Waiver 
and Letter(s) of Authorizations.Qualifying company shall meet or surpass the following requirements:

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