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July 2012

July 2012

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Published by Dr Larry Yates

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Published by: Dr Larry Yates on Jul 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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can realize the completeblessings of the Lord thatHe wants us to have
Weare limiting the power of God.
Let's let Him dowhat He wants to do.
Love you all,
From the BishopStanding On the Shoulders of Giants
Here we are again, justa
little over a month awayfrom our General Con-vention in Tullahoma.
We are
looking forward toa great time this year.
We are going to haveseveral ministers in at-tendance who have never been in our Convention inprevious years.
 Alsosome who have not beenin a long time.
It will begood to see everyoneagain.
I wish to remindall the members of theExecutive Board, pleasemake plans to attend.
The organization is de-pending on you.
I thinkthe crowning achieve-ment of our conventionwould be to see new peo-ple receive the gift of theHoly Ghost.
I believe weare living in a time whenpeople are more interest-ed in
promoting them-selves than in the promo-tion of the plan of salva-tion.
We must surrender our authority to a higher power that we cannotcontrol.
It is high time for us to get out of God'sway and let Him havecomplete control of our lives and our churchesand most of all this or-ganization.
We makeplans to do this or thatand leave God out of thepicture.
The sooner werealize that God is incharge and we are
Hisservants, the sooner we
Church of Jesus Christ Organi-zation in 1965, and the Banner of Love in 1966. He will be remem-bered as a tenderhearted, lovingand forgiving man of faith whoselife passion was the Kingdom of God. We do well to follow hisexample.
Remember them that had therule over you, men that spakeunto you the word of God; andconsidering the issue of their life,
imitate their faith” Heb 13:7
Bishop H.E. Honea was a man of deep, abiding faith in God andlove for people. He went home tobe with the Lord on June 10,2009 leaving behind an impres-sive legacy of life and ministry.Born Oct. 30, 1939. He was savedand called to preach in April1953, filled with the Holy Ghostin 1955 and baptized in Name of  Jesus Christ in 1958. He preachedin 32 states, 3 foreign countriesand pastored in 4 states. Or-dained Bishop in 1965, BishopHonea ordained 120 ministersand 32 surrendered to preachunder his ministry. Bishop Honeapastored the Tullahoma Churchfor 46 years and founded the First
The First Church of Jesus Christ
Inside this issue:
 A Walk in Faith 2General ConventionTime2Ministry News 3The Word of God 3
Editor’s Desk 
3The Red Thread 4OrganizationalInformation4
 July 2012Volume 1, Issue 3
I am the Light of the World
 General Convention
dence which has great reward. After you have endured and after you have done the will of God you may receive the promise youare standing in faith for. Do notbe defeated by weariness. Do notlose faith and get distracted by circumstances. Above all, do notfall into sin. Keep His Word infront of your eyes and in your earsuntil you can see it coming topass with the eyes of your spiritBe Blessed.
-Shelia Yates
If you dare to believe God’s
 Word, there is no situation thatGod can not turn around. The
doctors may have told you there’s
no hope, your bank account may be empty and the creditors knock-ing on the door. There may betrouble in your family or on yourjob. Your problems may bestacked so high you feel you can
never overcome them. But don’t
let the devil fool you. Nothinghinders God when you have faith
in His Word. What’s more, faithbelieves god’s Word because God
said it
 whether circumstancesseem to agree or not. Keep put-ting the word into your heart day after day until faith rises up with-in you. Faith comes by hearing,and hearing by the Word of God(Ro 10:17). In Hebrews chapters10 and 11, we learn about what Jesus said regarding how we liveby faith. However, warnings inHeb. 10:26 says that after wereceive the knowledge of thetruth, if we willfully return to oursin, there no longer remains asacrifice for sins but, the expecta-tion of certain judgment. Jesus warns sternly about insulting theSpirit of Grace. But in verse 35.He says not to cast away our confi-
 A Walk in Faith
It’s Convention time at Tullahoma!!
The First Church of Jesus Christ Annual Convention will be held in Tullahoma,TN beginning at 11:00 am on Tuesday August 14, 2012Schedule is as follows:Tuesday at 11:00 am Singing, Teaching and PreachingLunch at 2:30 pm Worship Service at 7:00 pm Wednesday Breakfast at 8:30
10:00 amMinisters Meeting from 10:00
11:00 am11:00 am Singing, Teaching, and PreachingLunch at 2:30 pm Worship Service at 7:00 pmThursday Breakfast at 8:30 am11:00 am Singing, Teaching, and PreachingLunch at 2:30 pm Worship at 7:00 pm
Page 2 Banner of Love
Don’t let this
Newsletter die!Support it with your monthly gifts!Pass it on to a friend!
Ministry NewsThe Word of God: A More Sure Covenant
Editor’s Desk 
self who are awakened by the Macedonian cry. Per-haps God has been dealing with your heart to accept
the challenge of “NOW”
evangelism and ministry.Contact Elder HaroldMoon for an applicationand information.(931)247-5559Blessings!Please be sure to address allFCJC mail to The FirstChurch of Jesus Christ c/oElder Harold Moon 274Carter Blake Rd. Tullaho-ma, TN 37388 His phonenumber is 931-247-5559
 The FCJC is seeking minis-ters and aspiring ministers.Churches are autonomousand ministers are self-supporting. We are a pio-neering effort seeking toexpand into all States and we need your help in re-cruiting others to the causeof Christ. We believe andpractice Acts 2:38, 2:4; Jn3:5; Dt. 6:4 Hundreds of thousands await the soundof True Gospel Preachers,bringing the message of True Biblical Salvation.This rich and beautifulharvest field is ready for thehands of the reapers. Reviv-al lies within the bosom of men of God such as your-
and millions need to betrained. We want to see people savedand thankful. And at the endof the day, we want them topraise our glorious Lord. Thisis why we do what we do.Thank you for your efforts.Tell others about this work,and support it with your tithesand offerings. We need yourhelp. God Bless You All!I came across II Corinthians4:15 recently. Paul had beentalking about the conflictsbetween the false teachers andhis own work, and he writes:
“For all things are for your
sakes, that the abundance of grace might through thethanksgiving of many redound
to the glory of God”
 My first thought was, what a wonderful theme verse for theFirst Church of Jesus Christ.None of us are doing this forour own benefit. We do it sothe message of the Oneness of God, His true identity andHis glorious grace will reachmore and more people. We want FCJC to grow, not be-cause we want to run a largeministry, but because billionsof people have not yet heard,
lutely essential to salvation JesusChrist is God! God is NOT a trini-ty!
Pastors, I am especially interested in whatis happening in your churches andministries. Please let me hear from youat:Larry L Yates1819 S 8th StreetIronton, OH 45638740-237-4548
larrylyates@hotmail.comThe Word of God is our ultimaterule of faith and action. It is ourfinal authority. Our experiencemust be judged by Scripture notScripture judged by experience. The Word of God is forever settled inHeaven. We must settle it on earthand in our hearts. Notice Psalm119:89 says the Word is FOREVER settled. It will never change. What itsays now it will say 100 years fromnow, You are not going to get Godto change His mind to agree with you. You must change your mind toagree with Him. This means thatGod has set His Word as a rule anda boundary beyond which no Chris-tian should go. If it is not in theBible, you should not do it. If it ISin the Bible that is exactly what youshould both do and teach. TrueBiblical Christianity is Apostolic,Pentecostal, and Oneness. Repent-ance, Water baptism in the Nameof Jesus Christ, the Baptism of theHoly Ghost and Holiness are abso-
Page 3 Volume 1, Issue 3
We desire not only tosee believers livevictoriously, but to helpthem become rootedand grounded enough
in God’s Word to reach
out and teach othersthese same principles

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