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Labor and Love

Labor and Love



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Published by twilightgirl1212

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Published by: twilightgirl1212 on Jul 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Labor and LoveBPOV "What do I tell him? I'm not good at this…" Iwhined over the phone to my best friendRosalie. From the moment I met Rose incollege, I've been in awe of her knack to break up with a crush and move on to the next campuscutie in a matter of moments. "Bella." I could hear Rose's finger waggingacross the phone line that ran from Seattle to myhome in Phoenix. "You just need to tell him thetruth. Don't sugarcoat it because he'll think hehas a chance. You've made your decision tomove back to Seattle. You made this decisionlast year and he convinced you to stay. If youdon't make a clean break of things, I'm going tohunt you down and kick your ass." Rose's"vicious" threat made me giggle. "I'm notkidding. You've wasted two years with him. You
would've left Phoenix after that first year if hehadn't dangled marriage in front of you." I hated how Rose cut through all the bullshit.She was right. I didn't want to be alone like mydad so I stayed with James because I thought Iwouldn't feel alone. Once I moved in and he promised me a life of happiness, reality crasheddown in a matter of minutes. James Dwyer was the principal's son of theschool where I taught first grade. We met at thenew faculty welcome party. The older teachershad warned me that he came to the party so hecould meet a hot teacher; he struck out previoustwo years, but Phil assured his son a "sexy littlenumber" was joining the faculty. When other teachers cautioned me about his past, I ignoredthem. But it turns out, James has always beenabout how much ass he can hit. I'm fairly certain
he cheated on me, but the best I did was catchhim flirting with everything with tits. Phil looked less than enchanted with mydecision. At least I told him I was leaving theschool because I wanted to move home. He hadno idea my decision was part of "Operation SlayJames" and that meant a clean break fromPhoenix. "Look, you've quit your job, you don't have alease holding you hostage, and you have anapartment waiting for you up here in Seattle.You know what else? Your family and friendsare here." Rose's pep talk shook the uncertaintyout of me. I was ready to do this. "Rose, thank you for giving me a compellingargument. But mostly, thank you for reminding

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