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Dc Cc 2012 Oppo Book Bill Young

Dc Cc 2012 Oppo Book Bill Young

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Published by John Malcolm

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Published by: John Malcolm on Jul 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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C.W. Bill Young (FL-10)
Top HeadlinesEditorials
Budget Issues
Criticized Navy’s Plans to Build Fewer Ships
In March
2012, Young criticized the Navy’s plan to build fewer ships than initially proposed. The Navy
changed its plan to build 57 ships to 41 ships.
“Now, when it would seem even more important to have a larger fleet, the Navy has actually decreased
the number
of ships planned for construction over that same time period. And the decrease isn’t small.
“I am puzzled at the contradiction of planning to use a smaller fleet to cover a larger portion of the globe.
Granted, our new ships will be more capable but they can still only be in one place at a time. I would
think that in many respects, quantity itself is a capability,” Young said.
[The Epoch Times, 3/07/12] 
Said Reductions in Air Force Funding Left Programs and Missions with Uncertain Future
In March 2012, Young questioned the 2013 Air Force budget request. The Air Force budget was reducedby $3.9 billion
the majority of which ($3 billion) was in procurement.
“It leaves other programs and missions with an uncertain future...Finally, this budget is pregnant with
implications for future base realignments and closures. I am especially concerned by the impact all of theabove will have on the
Air National Guard,” said Young
. [The Epoch Times, 3/07/12] 
Attended Ceremony for Expansion of F-35 Production
In February 2012, Young
attended a ceremony for the expansion of Lockheed Martin’s aircraft part
production facility. The expansion was to cover production of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
 [abcactionnews.com, 2/22/12] 
Said MacDill Air Force Base Was Safe From Cuts
In February 2012, Young said he had a briefing with Air Force leadership and was told that personnel
reductions would be “very minor”
and new tanker aircrafts would go to MacDill. Young said that the firstof the tankers would come in 2017.
[Tampa Tribune, 2/04/12
Testified In Favor of Two Year Budgets
In January 2012, Young testified before the House Rules committee in favor of H.R. 114, the BiennialBudgeting and Appropriations act which would require two-year budgets and appropriations bills.Youn
g said, “So you can appropriate one year, then do a year’s worth of oversight, which in my opinion,
would be very very cost productive for the taxpayer, and would be more efficient process for the federalagencies could plan a little bit more than they can plan ahead today especially with the use of so many
CRs [Continuing Resolutions] and uncertainty in where we’re going.”
[Young Press Release, 1/24/12] 
Happy that MacDill Air Force Base Would Be Spared Deep Cuts
In January 2012, Young was happy that the MacDill Air Force Base would avoid deep cuts amidstdownsizing of the military.
[Tampa Tribune, 1/6/12
Young Brought Federal Funding to Tampa Bay Area
 As of November 2011, Young had brought federal funding to the Tampa Bay area for buildings, bridges,a regional reservoir, and a marine science complex in St. Petersburg. Though the funds had kept himpopular among his top contributors and had improved his name recognition, Young drew criticism forbeing too close with lobbyists.
[St. Petersburg Times, 11/4/11]
Young Supported Legislation to provide $50 Million to RNC Convention
In November 2011, Young told Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn “not to worry about
it, that he was going to
 be there for us, and he was” with respect to adding $50 million onto the federal budget to provide security
for the 2012 RNC convention in Tampa.
[St. Petersburg Times, 11/15/11]
Planned to Follow Earmark Ban
In February 2011, Young said he planned to follow the earmark ban. “I go by the rules,” he said in aninterview. “Whether I agree with them or not.” From 2008 to 2010, Young sponsored $298 million in
earmarks placing him second out of 435 representatives, according to Taxpayers for Common Sense.
[Washington Post, 2/23/11]
Wants Spending Control and Debt Reduction to Be Tied to Potential Debt Limit Increase
In April 2011, Young said the debt limit must only be raised when tied with “important spending control
and debt reduction measures to the
debt limit vote.”
[Rep. Todd Young E-Newsletter, 4/21/11]
Said Credit Rating Will Be Downgraded If Ryan Budget Is Not Adopted
In April 2011, Young said that bond markets are already worried about the U.S.’s bond markets, asevidenced by the S&P’s downg
rading of the economic outlook for the country.
He said, the only plan that “not only completely erases budget deficits, but also begins to pay down thenational debt, is the ‘Path to Prosperity’ budget for 2012.”
[Rep. Todd Young E-Newsletter, 4/21/11]
Voted for $1 Trillion in Subcommittee Allocations Cutting Important Programs
In May 2011, Young voted in the Appropriations Committee for $1 trillion in subcommittee allocationswhich the Appropriations Committee said was $30.4 billion less than enacted in fiscal year 2011 and$121.6 billion less than requested by President Obama for 2012.Democrats criticized the amounts, warning they could carry serious consequences for governmentprograms. Ranking Democrat Norm Dicks of Washington said the allocatio
ns would “cause real harm tothe economy” but “do next to nothing to balance the budget.”
 The amounts were approved 27-21 with no Democratic support.
[CQ Markup & Vote Coverage, 5/24/11]
Voted for Homeland Security Appropriations With Cuts to Firefighters, Security Grants

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