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In his article about the new H-D Milwaukee- Eight engine, Kevin Cameron, states: “By switching from modified hemi two-valve to nearly flat four-valve, the surface area

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Xross Generational Racing
Billows of smoke drift across the track, plumes soon brought to life and given color by the yellow sparks dragging parts as 40-year-old air-cooled superbikes rip some of the finest tarmac in the world. The race to Turn 1 is on, and yet I can’t see a
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Serious Flux
Like many, I was shocked back in 2014 when Harley-Davidson—perhaps the most tradition-steeped motorcycle manufacturer on the planet—unveiled a prototype electric motorcycle with intent to bring a whisper-quiet Hog to market. It was a bold step for a
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Life Liquid
In a celebrated case, a vertical shaft hydroelectric turbine ran continuously for 40 years without shutdown. When it was finally replaced, its thrust-bearing surfaces still bore the tool marks of their manufacture. How was that possible? It was becau