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From Peter Maddison
one hundred thousand. Used to be a big number. But it seems it’s a starting point for everything today. If you want to visualise the number, think MCG Grand Final day, packed to the rafters. It’s also the number who attended the Climate Action march,
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Mod Pod
if the Jetsons shacked up with the Flintstones and moved their house to Bedrock, this is what it would look like. Well, sort of. Tweed Terrace House isn’t in Bedrock, but the Coolangatta residence does rest on a bed of rocks. “The Rockcote render and
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Harbour Heights
a small, steep, irregular site with “extremely constrained street and site access” — the Architecture Saville Isaacs team had their work cut out for them on this project, with clever planning, extensive excavation and complex construction required. “