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This jewel of Bela Bela has grown from strength to strength over the past few years, and it’s no surprise that it’s become so popular with holidaymakers.

With just a few dozen campsites, it never

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Caravan and Outdoor Life2 min read
Who’s Who?
LeisureWorld is a premium outdoor, caravan, camping accessory, and caravan parts supplier with outlets throughout South Africa and Namibia. The group was formed out of a necessity to look after the needs of their customer base when parts supply from
Caravan and Outdoor Life4 min read
Around The Campfire
Although there might be others in the same boat, or should I say caravan, I am a pensioner and can't afford to buy a small caravan or rent a commercial motorhome. My wife and I, as a sort of grand finale, would like to tour this country with a motorh
Caravan and Outdoor Life3 min read
Camping Gear
This Corner Steady from LeisureWorld is made from galvanised steel and is capable of holding weights of up to 1 250kg. Use four at a time, and that’s a whopping 5 000kg! Each unit has a reach of 48.75cm, supplying excellent support in critical areas.