Unsung Hero


Asked to name the critical battles of the Second World War, many would name the D-Day landings, and maybe Dunkirk or Market Garden. However, it was on the scorched sands of North Africa that Hitler suffered his first major defeat and participating in all these campaigns was Keith’s father-in-law Bernard. “He never spoke about his war,” said Keith “It’s only through my interest in military history that I’ve pieced his service together. It’s hard to believe that the man I knew was one of the last men taken from the beaches at Dunkirk and also one of the first to land on D-Day.”

Bespoke build

“I’ve always had full frame scooters and wanted to build something different,” explained Keith. “My ambition was to create the chopper we all

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albeit Howre did -covered a 1980some Mk1 Pyears 2 come agotoby belocal upholstery registeredsupremo on an ‘E’ Tony plate Archer ? “I tax.ed, insured and rode Marylin with the Monkey original number Business (DHD 129V) for several Asy ‘ears real afte