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A World of My Own

I was born in Ulverstone, Tasmania in 1971, and have always lived here. It is a beautiful part of the world, with everything from beaches to farmland to mountains with snow.

I did art in high school, quite enjoyed it and always wanted to learn more, so I finally decided to do an Adult Education Folk Art class in about 2002 with Lynette Fairbrother. I continued painting with her for a number of years and progressed onto other types of painting and I haven’t stopped. I also sew

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Artist's Drawing and Inspiration1 min read
• Good quality drawing paper such as Chanson Drawing paper 220gsm “C” à grain. This paper is a fine tooth white paper for drawing in pencil, charcoal, chalk, ink wash and poster colour. For this drawing I have used an A3 sheet. • Tracing paper or a l
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration1 min read
Artist S Hints And Tips
• Keep your pencils sharp. I use 180 garnet paper to grind a tip, then 800 wet-and-dry to polish it. I carve the wood away with a penknife. A long sharp stem of graphite is much easier to achieve detail with. • Blending stumps are great for giving sh
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration2 min read
Artist’s Hints And Tips
• It is best to print the photograph horizontally flipped so that when you trace the portrait and place it on the paper it is viewed the same as the original photograph. Also print out a smaller copy of the photograph so you can use it as reference w