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YAMAHA XS650 Roadster
Yamaha’s seminal 650cc parallel twin came in numerous guises, but here we’re going to be looking at the so-called Roadster or Standard version, which ran from 1975 to 1979/80 depending upon the market. In these iterations many argue that Yamaha had s
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It Takes Two...
As a callow youth of the 1970s I used to buy the weekly bike papers and read about the latest models, the death throes of the British bike industry, and the various competition reports. Most of my mates were into UK short track racing or speedway, bu
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What To Buy And How Much To Pay
Avoid at all costs any XS650 in boxes and especially so if the bike has been subjected to any form of customisation. Yamaha’s big twin is back in vogue with the hipster element and there are far too many being bastardised. A properly customised XS6