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“Painting is like entering into your own world where I can create anything I want, using any colour and materials in the process”

Mario Sukkar is a young Sydney based artist with exemplary talent. He recalls first becoming interested in art at the tender age of five, “I would draw cartoons which led me to draw realistic portraits by the age of eight.” At this time, Mario drew portraits of his parents, celebrities and Saints. At the

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Botanical Beauties
• Arches Aquarelle hot pressed watercolour paper: 140lb (300gsm) • Brushes: various makes: Nos. 00 - 8 • Daler Rowney Watercolour Paints: • Cadmium Yellow • French Aquamarine Blue • Quinacridone Magenta • Alizarin Crimson • Sepia • Yellow Ochre • Ind
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A Painting Should Tell a Story
I started drawing when I was seven years old. It came naturally to me while other children my age seemed to struggle with it. Creating works of art gave me great joy. When I was 13 years old I was asked to give a live drawing demonstration inside a l
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Faith in Art
Like many artists before me, life has been interesting to say the least. I have countless stories to tell of humour and horror, blessings and failures. But through everything, for me there has been one constant and one thing I have always had faith i