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Americans Don’t Need the Mueller Report to Judge Trump

The fevered speculation about when the special counsel will conclude his work overshadows how much the public already knows about the president and Russia.
Source: Yuri Gripas / Reuters

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report could come out as soon as next week, CNN reported on Thursday. Unless, of course, it doesn’t—after all, there have been various suggestions for months that the end was in sight, and the Justice Department said Friday there would be no report next week. And anyway, none of this matters if the newly installed Attorney General Bill Barr decides not to release the report, or releases only a limited summary, or delays the release, or …

Because of the many uncertainties about when the report will arrive, and what the public will see, and , and , the report has taken on outsize importance in discourse and coverage about the presidential campaign, Russia, and Donald Trump. That’s risky, though. Perhaps the Mueller report

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