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motorcycle? Has it done a lot of kilometres, been through heaps of dirt, sat around or been ridden through salty beach areas? Well, the wheel bearings can start to lose their smoothness, which can in some circumstances change the way your bike will ride/handle. Changing the wheel bearings is (most of the time) a fairly simple job, the only time you’ll really struggle is if they’re seriously seized in the wheel. That will require some heat from a gas torch and some muscle!

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Australian Motorcyclist2 min read
Letter Of The Month
I reckon Tim is a worthy winner of this month’s Nelson Rigg backpack and T-shirt. The number of books I reckon The Bear will pile up for him, he’ll certainly be needing a new backpack to carry them around! Well done, mate and enjoy the read once The
Australian Motorcyclist13 min read
Going in HOT
ANY OF THE great comedians will tell you that it’s all in the timing. As I passed the lone barn in upcountry Hungary at about 90km/h, the first dog just managed to clear the front wheel of my 821 Monster with its canine backside as it crossed the roa
Australian Motorcyclist7 min read
GOING All The Way
READERS OF Australian Motorcyclist will probably be familiar with Compass Expeditions. It’s the Australian based, international motorcycle tour company that takes adventurers on epic rides like the 105-day Road of Bones – London to Magadan and 80-day