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Ever since Google shuttered its popular RSS reader back in 2013, online news junkies have been clamoring for convenient ways to enjoy their favorite

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Why Are Tag Names Showing In Mail?
Some people who have upgraded to Mojave have found that its new version of Mail does this because it changes the column width, which gives the flags column the space to reveal color names. To make the names vanish, at the top of the column drag the r
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Test Home Network Performance
GETTING A STABLE signal is one thing, but are your devices performing to their best? Network speeds vary for all kinds of reasons, so how do you test each device in your home to confirm things are working as well as they can be? Devices connected to
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Get Good Speeds On All Your Devices
YOU’VE UPGRADED YOUR internet connection to meet your demands, and you’ve optimized some parts of your network too. But there’s still room for improvement. Here, we’ll examine ways you can maximize your Wi–Fi connection at distance, plus spread the d