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"B Schools Should Leverage What's Unique To India"

Sangeet Chowfla, President and CEO, Graduate Management Admission Council, which conducts the Graduate Management Admission Test, speaks to Sonal Khetarpal of Business Today about the demand for specialised courses and rise of non US B schools. Edited excerpts:

How has management education changed over the years in the context of Asia, especially India?

A. The demand for management education is amazingly stable. Even though there is a lot of churn happening with different kinds of formats, the same number of people are applying to business schools as before. But under that calm surface, there is a fair amount of churn in a couple of dimensions.

One, we are seeing globalisation of the candidate base. Three or four decades ago, management education was largely a western phenomenon; today, it is across the world. China and India together take as many tests as the US. So, the demographic base is shifting to Asia, and there is growth of candidates from Africa and Central Asia as well.

Globally recognised brands in business education used to

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