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The Best Bad Dream
The Best Bad Dream
The Best Bad Dream
Audiobook7 hours

The Best Bad Dream

Written by Robert Ward

Narrated by Adam Verner

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

FBI Agents Jack Harper and Oscar Hidalgo are burned out from too many cases so they schedule a two-week vacation. Jack plans to hang out with his son, Kevin, then go fishing in Baja: surf, sun, and son . . . a great combination. 

Then Jack gets a phone call from his snitch and on-again-off-again girlfriend, the sexy and unpredictable car thief, Michelle Wu. Her sister, Jennifer, has been kidnapped. Frantic, terrified that Jennifer will be killed, Michelle begs Jack to come to Santa Fe at once. This is the last thing Jack wants to do but he owes Michelle big time: She once saved his life. Michelle is pretty sure a biker named Lucky Avila had something to do with Jennifer’s disappearance. She also admits she did a little business with Lucky, who might be angry at her. Jack goes out to see Lucky, hoping for a simple end to the case, but he should have known better. Anything in which Michelle Wu is involved is bound to be complex, dark, and wild. Soon Jack is up to his neck with bikers, Mexican gangs, and a giant pet Razorback hog named Ole Big, who may offer a major clue to finding the missing girl.

Meanwhile, the innocent Jennifer Wu is trapped in a cell by a man wearing a black rubber suit and a terrifying mask. While Jack is struggling with Ole Big and some very hard criminals, he begins to discover some of the shocking secrets of an exclusive spa for the elderly called the Blue Wolf. 

Back at home, Jack’s son is having his own little adventure with the very hot local librarian—a teen-aged boy’s dream come true—while her brutal husband is away. Out of his mind with lust, he, too, is in over his head.

Release dateJan 3, 2012
The Best Bad Dream

Robert Ward

Robert Ward is the author of eight novels, including Shedding Skin; Four Kinds of Rain, which was nominated for the Hammett Award and was a New York Times Notable Book; and Red Baker, which won the PEN West award for Best Novel. He is a former writer and producer of Hill Street Blues, Miami Vice, and New York Undercover. He lives in Los Angeles.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    The Best Bad Dream by Robert Ward 5 STARSIt was a little different the villians of the story. I guessed some right and a whole lot wrong. It kept me guessing and surprised me at the end.Their were a lot of characters that I did not admire and a few I did, but they where all were different.Michelle and Jennifer were out riding bikes to Taos Publeo. Jennifer was mad at her sister so she wanted to think and be alone for 20 minutes and would meet her sister at Keva. Michelle went into one of the rooms and smoked a joint and fell asleep so she was late to meet Jennifer. Jennifer had disappeared but the bike was still there.Michelle did not want to call the cops because she was a criminal and had a relationship with Jack from FBI. So called him. Jack was on vacation but she saved his life once and used that.Jennifer was a nurse at a senior spa in New Mexico. So Jack was asking questions their. Also Michelle had come to N.M. to see her sister and do some business with bike gang. Their is also another bike gang in the aera so lots of suspects.So Jack calls his partner that is also on vacation and talks him to come help. With some grumbleing he does come.Jack left his 15 year old home with his father why he was away and the new libarian seduced him and got him to do a lot of things.Their were prostutes,drug dealers, robbers,business leaders,dr.and nurses saw and heard a lot of terrible things that are out their in the world. But did not put the book down till I was finshed.I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.01/03/2012 PUB Grove/ Atlantic, Inc. The Mysterious Press