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The Whistler, Collection 1

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The Whistler was one of radio's top mystery programs airing from May 16, 1942, until September 22, 1955. Sponsored by the Signal Oil Company, The Whistler (Bill Forman) was an ominous narrator who knew the killer's every move even before they did. The stories followed an effective formula in which a person's criminal acts were typically undone by their own missteps. The Whistler often commented directly upon the action in the manner of a Greek chorus, taunting the criminal from an omniscient perspective. One of the show's trademarks was the ironic twist endings that helped serve as a payoff for the listener. Radio performers heard in this collection of 12 episodes include: Jane Morgan, Elliott Lewis, Lurene Tuttle, Gerald Mohr and Frank Lovejoy.

5/28/44 The Middle Toe of the Right Foot
9/3/44 Practically Fool Proof
9/10/44 Local Storm
9/25/44 Married to Murder
10/2/44 Not If I Kill You First
10/16/44 The Tale the Dead Man Told
7/16/45 A Pattern for Terror
7/23/45 Let George Do It
4/1/46 Three Times a Sinner
11/25/46 Two-Year Plan
12/23/46 Next Year is Mine
2/20/49 Ticket to Paris

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