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The Alien Corps: Epic science fiction blending fantasy and religion into a new genre:

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A kickass heroine on a galactic quest must defeat Earth’s fiercest enemy to bring hope for the future…

The planet Prosperine is on the brink of war. Religious fanaticism is rampant; miracles are being performed by a local healer, and a powerful rebel army wants to return the planet to its fundamentalist past.

Prosperine’s administrators have asked the Galactic Alliance for help to defuse the situation. The GA’s charter doesn’t allow them to get involved in local politics, but a refusal will jeopardize access to the planet’s faster-than-light catalyst, Crynidium. They enlist the Alien Corps’ Hickory Lace to investigate on their behalf.

When Hickory discovers a sinister galactic force seeking to take advantage of the chaos, she is forced to act. The future of Earth and its allies is at stake and Hickory has only one chance to prevent a catastrophe. She must rediscover the powerful empathic gift she was born with, and at the same time determine exactly who or what the alien miracle worker represents.

The Alien Corps, book one of four in the science fiction series, Prosperine, is an epic adventure, a tale of overcoming fierce enemies, of single-minded heroism…and of hope for the future…

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Books in the Prosperine Series:

Prelude: Born of Fire (also available as an audiobook)

Book 1: The Alien Corps (also available as an audiobook)

Book 2: Rise of the Erlachi (soon to be released as an audiobook)

Book 3: The Scarf

Book 4: Fractured Prophecy

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