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Catch: A Love Story
Catch: A Love Story
Catch: A Love Story
Audiobook9 hours

Catch: A Love Story

Written by Tracy Ewens

Narrated by Xe Sands

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

If only life were as simple as happily ever after...

Jules Bartlett stopped believing in fairytales the day Prince Charming got caught banging her friend on their expensive countertops. Now, back in her seaside hometownsans prince—the only men in Jules’s life are her crew of twelve smart ass fisherman who pose no romantic threat and endlessly dote on her daughter. Perfection.

Tyler Pace is used to saving the day. Straddled between the big city and Bodega Bay, he seamlessly juggles big business and hometown city council, all while picking up the pieces for his alcoholic father. But when it comes to Jules Bartlett — the woman he’s loved forever — Tyler loses every ounce of his hard-earned charm and finesse. 

Jules isn’t interested in being another one of Tyler’s “projects” — and no grand gesture or impressive attention to detail is going to convince her otherwise. In fact, his constant meddling is threatening to destroy her last shred of patience...or her defenses.

As past heartbreak and future dreams collide one momentous night, Jules and Tyler find themselves forced to set aside what they think they know about love. Because falling isn’t always the scariest part — sometimes love comes down to trusting the catch.


Below are courtesy content warnings to the best recollection. They cover the major topics/themes, but may not be as nuanced as other trigger/content warning sites.

  • alcoholism, infidelity, childhood poverty
Release dateSep 15, 2021
Catch: A Love Story

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Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

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