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Viva la Revolution!: The Story of People Power in 30 Revolutions

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An insightful exploration of history's 30 most influential popular revolutions and a celebration of people powerfrom Boudicca's uprising in AD 60 to the Arab Spring of 2011   Popular revolution has forged global superpowers, shaken empires, brought a halt to oppression, upended social and political divisions, established the first independent black nation, and given birth to legacies, ideologies, and revolutionary idols that have had a profound impact on the state of today's world. This book examines 30 of the most influential revolutions from across history, and brings the story of revolution up to date with discussions of major popular uprisings including the American, Russian, and French revolutions, and a strong focus on contemporary events from the Color Revolutions of the mid-2000s to the Arab Spring of 2011. Structured around six key themes, the book gives the story of each revolution, its context, and its legacy. A perfect introduction to revolutions both for the readers of military history and current affairs, as well as a younger readership inspired by the revolutionary fervor of 2011, this is an original history of the world in revolt and an insightful exploration of the compelling nature of people power.

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