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A Little Magic

Length: 183 pages2 hours


When the grandmother she never met is stricken by a mysterious coma, Siobhan Kelly finds herself uprooted from her familiar California life and Irish step dancing classes, and dealing with Spring in Vermont, where the roads are muddy, it’s as likely to snow as it is to rain, and the kids there think that since she’s from Encino, she must be a “valley girl” (fer shurr). Out of sheer loneliness, she falls in with a small group of friends including shy hottie David, his academically advanced little sister Fiona, and their cousin Alicia, who claims to be a witch. It doesn’t take Fiona’s telling her that Alicia’s dark magic landed another girl at school in a wheelchair, for Siobhan to know Alicia is not the kind of person she wants to hang around with.

Unfortunately, Alicia has Siobhan in her sights. Alicia thinks Siobhan is magic. Siobhan thinks Alicia’s read Harry Potter one too many times. Maybe Gran is a witch, but Siobhan herself? No way. She believes this until the day Alicia confronts her in Gran’s sacred garden, demanding that Siobhan help her do a powerful dark spell – or else. Siobhan’s powers manifest with a vengeance and suddenly there are fairies in the back woods, claiming that Gran has stolen the sacred Jewel that is the font of their magic. Siobhan must help them get it back – or else. But when her mother warns her that magic is evil and to stay away from it, Siobhan is at a crossroads. She has promised the fairies to help get their Jewel back, in return for their aid in lifting the curse that has caused her grandmother’s coma. Somehow, she has to find Gran’s spell book, wake her up, avoid Alicia and her evil schemes, and save the world of Fairie. So, no pressure.

As Siobhan comes to terms with a part of herself she never knew existed, she explores a new knowledge of what family bonds and loyalty really mean, and finds herself bravely entering a whole new world, to save the one she lives in - all with the help of a wise-cracking, blue-eyed cat, who just happens to be the familiar of a local Fairie prince.

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