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Message to my Children, Vol. 1

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This time there would be no girl crying uncle, no stopping him. He ran his fingers down her face, neck and unbuttoned her blouse, cupped her breast and was about to taste it sweetness, rose up, put his hands around her neck, and squeezed to get the appreciation of his sexual hunger to a boiling point. He felt his member throbbing and went back to her breast to taste the sweetness of her nectar. He felt like he was being choked, as if an invisible rope was closing around his neck, slowly suffocating him and crushing his windpipe. He was jerked back to the floor of the forest, he felt like he was fighting a brute, a powerful man who was slowly strangling him to death. As his last breathe whistled out of his body and he heard the snap of his neck. He saw a mighty powerful Michael type of arch angel who was delivering the karma he inflicted upon others, ironic justice as predicted. He closed his eyes and then out of the ground these dark evil vile creatures grabbed him, his soul and dragged him screaming into the depths of Hell, never to be heard from again.

The angel directed his energy towards Charity, healing her body and mind, making her forget what happen. All she will remembers is Peter was steering and the jeep went out of control and he was killed by a loosen rope which was in supplies. No one to this day understood how the rope unwrap and he got caught in it was strangled to death. It was a terrible way to died. The strange miracle was Charity came out of the crash with no injuries, not even cuts or bruises. She must have had a guardian angel with her that day. Charity had an unsettling feeling, something happen that day, but could not remember the incidents until she was ready.

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