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A Deadly Path To Treasure

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He's had encounters with drug smugglers, landed his plane in jungle airstrips and fought modern day pirates. He's faced an armed robber and only he walked away alive.

Robert C. "Bob" Moran is the individual authors create as the hero in their novels. The difference is that he actually lived through these adventures and is still around to write about them. He’s been shipwrecked at sea, surviving five days in a lifeboat with little food or water. His lifeboat landed in Cuba just after the 1962 Kennedy-Khrushchev missile crises and he was arrested as a spy and saboteur and sentenced to face a firing squad by Fidel Castro.

He’s discussed treasure hunting with the Queen of Spain, socialized on the beach at Nice, France with Elizabeth Taylor and drank champagne in Villefranche on the French Riviera with Errol Flynn. This is his story!

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