A termination of parental rights has been termed to be akin to the death penalty. In society, parents that lose their children to the child protective services system are often viewed as child abusers and neglectful parents.

But what if a parent lost their parental rights permanently because they were poor? That is what happened in 2008, when my husband and I lost our parental rights due to a "lack of resources."

In this system, poverty is all too often confused with neglect. And in Clark county where children are removed from their homes at a much higher rate than normal, children are being doubly failed. Children that could remain with their parents are being torn from loving arms forever, and the children that do need help all too often aren't receiving it.

A Broken System is not only the true story of what my family went through when dealing with DFS in Clark County, it is also a look into why Clark County DFS has been called a broken system that creates desperate parents and where children have no rights.

Published: Misty Reigenborn on
ISBN: 9781466019669
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