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The Making of a Madam

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The Making of a Madam shares a tragic, yet ultimately victorious tale of one woman’s struggle to overcome a volatile father, poverty, sexual molestation, and life with a house full of siblings. Her struggles continue into adulthood as she makes ill conceived choices:

Accepted money for the use of her body at age eight,
Married five times,
Pregnant eight times in seven years,
Arrested for prostitution at age thirty-eight,
Madam of brothels in Cincinnati, Covington, and Newport,
Indicted by the FBI for violation of the Mann Act

The story of Patsyann Campbell-McCall-King-Thompson-Poon-Maloney’s life as a madam was formed by her unfortunate childhood. Her dismal life took a U-turn after she served time at the Federal Correctional Institution in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Making of a Madam introduces readers to a world of lasciviousness, greed, poverty, and corruption. Despite all the evil forces that worked against Patsyann Maloney, she triumphed. Her story gives hope to the most desolate and destitute.

Written in first-person narrative, the story examines a childhood that includes poverty, an abusive father, and an absent mother. Those experiences shaped her future and help explain the poor decisions and ill-conceived relationships that culminate in prostitution and a life as a madam.

The tragic events of the first two sections are balanced in the final section when Patsy discovers a spiritual existence. The happily-ever-after ending includes forgiveness, two reunions, and more than twenty-five years of living free from prostitution—not only of the body, but also of the mind and spirit.

Patsyann’s story teaches us that no matter how bad our childhood, we can choose to change the course of our destiny. We can rise above our circumstances and do something good with our lives.

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