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Stress Management for Busy Women - How to get from 'Stress Mess' to 'Stress Less' for today’s busy woman.

There are plenty of stress therapists and stress management books that advise you to slow down and take it easy if you want to reduce the stress in your life – Yeah, okay. Since when have you had time to take it easy?

Busy women all have one thing in common - Too much to do and too little time.
You have a job, responsibilities, a home, children, family, friends, pets, hobbies and hopefully time for a few interests, and a bit of socializing. You are not the type of woman that has time to take a deep bath at six in the evening, switch off from the world, and spend the remainder of the evening surrounded by candles and massage oils, I doubt you’ll be getting eight hours sleep a night, and chances are you have no spare time because you are too busy looking after everybody else! Stress is causing you a problem and you are suffering right? But, you want to get a life – not stop it completely.

You are a modern day woman – and you have it all – only having it all seems to be causing a lot of stress for millions of women – Is it possible to have the full and active life that you desire and still be calm and relaxed? Yes, of course it is – It just takes a small change in your thinking and a degree of focus and self devotion on your part – and that’s what this book is all about.

Stress is causing so much illness and unhappiness in today’s society and stress is definitely bad for you long term health and well being – not only does stress cause all the usual emotional distress such as anxiety and panic, stress causes premature aging, and stress can actually make you fat – yes, you read that right stress makes you look old and fat – something else for you to stress about if you don’t do something about your stress levels now.
This book is written for busy women like you – you won’t find stress management strategies that require a two week retreat in a monastery, nor will you find techniques for reducing stress that only add to your ‘to do list’.
What you will find in this book is a simple approach to managing stress, you’ll discover exactly what stress is and why it causes so much anxiety, you’ll learn that stress isn’t as frightening as you think it is, and I give you a whole new approach to stress relief and recovery from anxiety and panic.
Stress Management for Busy Women teaches you everything you need to know to get rid of your stress, anxiety and tension, so you can start living a calm, serene and happy life.

Published: Amanda Mathers on
ISBN: 9781465985651
List price: $12.97
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