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The Clinging Vines
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True story of the life of a middle aged woman. The story of the horrific abuses she suffered and the paranomal attachments connected to her.
And her eventual release through exorcism and the love of God.

Published: Caroline Doyle on
ISBN: 9781619798892
List price: $4.99
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The Clinging Vines - Caroline Doyle

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This book contains the story of my life, the trials and tribulations and the internal possessions that I have had to endure.

I hope that when people read this book that they will understand that I have had many things to deal with, even from the paranormal spectrum.

My life has been very difficult from the day I was born, sexually abused throughout my childhood, lack of knowledge as to my sexuality and severe mental health problems.  The one thing that has never failed me is my faith in God and my belief in Jesus.

Each day, I now continue to understand the world and the people on it better and I also work towards my children’s future.  I love them both dearly and will always continue to do so.

In hindsight, I now know that the reason why I have always searched for  the answer to the question, ‘why do such bad thing happen?’.  I have spent years finding out the answers to my own life, plus reasons for my faith.  This in turn has helped me to understand that there are different shades of grey in life.  Understanding this has helped me to also understand things on a greater spiritual level.

Situations, things and people do not come in only two colours, i.e. things are not always black or white.  A lot of people are in a state of turmoil and in turn are labelled BEFORE being understood.

People may be labelled as having Multiple Personality Disorder because they believe that they are Caesar or Napoleon.  The possibility that they might have a psychic attachment or a possession isn’t even considered.  To the medical profession, this is not a concept they choose to believe, but at the same time they can’t disprove that concept.  An analogy of this idea is, that all around you is air that you breathe - but can you see it?  Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean that it is not there!

Sadly there are also very evil people in this world, they only want to inflict pain and cause tragedy, this is because they are shallow, and only think of themselves, they don’t care about anybody else.  I am sorry to say that this type of person will always be evil.  They do not want to understand, and choose not to see, the ripple effect that is caused by their actions.  To them, they are always right and they always blame others if anything goes wrong.  They never think of themselves as guilty.  Owning guilt is not a concept to such people.

As for the DVD, I never thought that I could have become this insightful of any other entity other than myself.

On this DVD, if you choose to watch it, is the exorcism and the crossing over that took place recently.  I had been the victim of the possession, and the exorcism is explained in part four, as well as on the DVD itself.

I am aware that I will have many critics and that many people will say that the DVD is a fake.  All I can say in reply is, if it has been faked then I must be the world’s greatest actress.  As God is my witness, all you read and see is the truth.

If you are not open minded to these things, then please don’t waste your precious energy on me.  I have only shared my painful, truthful testimony to help people who may be undergoing a similar journey through life as I have.  

You don’t have to buy this book if you don’t want to but if you do and you disagree with me or wish to find fault then all I ask is that you agree to disagree with me and get on with your life.  Then, please allow us to get on with ours in peace.

I say again that this is the truth and, if I can help just one person to rediscover their faith in God, then I will feel that I have achieved something in my life worthwhile.

If this book touches a raw nerve or makes you angry, then ask yourself WHY?  Is it possible that you have had a raw deal through your life, and you have stopped your personal journey to inner knowledge because of the painful memories by using the ‘why concept’, only allowing yourself to remain hurt and angry.  By doing this, you avoid the possibility of