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Poems of a Dignified 'Hell No' Attitude

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Welcome to ‘Poems of a Dignified ‘Hell No’ Attitude’, the first of four volumes in the Christian Poetry Unleashed series. Most of the works in all four volumes of the series are compiled together for you in ‘Floetic Ascension of a Lotus – Christian Poetry, Prose & Spoken-Word’. I pray that the words herein would remind you of the power you have as a child of the Most High God. If you have received Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior - you are a Blood bought - Blood covered unstoppable force of holiness. My prayer is that you would come to understand the finished work of the cross in order to know & receive everything Christ died & rose again for you to have. The enemy, the world, circumstances nor any other thing not of God - has any power over you, no matter what it may LOOK like. In Christ - you are victorious over all of it. Who ever you are, what ever you have been through - you are deeply loved by God Almighty. He sees you, He knows you, He is near to you & He loves you with ALL that He is. I pray that the words herein will find you right when you need them & that they produce good & lasting fruit in your life. Remember that the battle belongs to the Lord... so when you echo what He says - victory is yours in Christ Jesus. Keep in mind that Jesus is ALIVE.. & He has NEVER lost a battle!! Thank you for reading & God Bless

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